Customer Service for Employers in Saskatoon

Starting in May, when an employer visits our Saskatoon office and asks to speak to someone from Employer Services, they will be directed to a conference room and then connected with an Employer Service Representative via phone. This process will allow the customer to get the service they need quickly and efficiently.  If the customer needs a document like a clearance or a Statement of Account, they will be able to pick it up at the reception area once they are done. Customers can visit the reception area in Saskatoon to: Drop off forms like Employer Payroll Statements (EPS), Payroll [...]

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Exclusion Regulations Amended

The Government of Saskatchewan has amended the Workers’ Compensation Act Exclusion Regulations to include mandatory WCB coverage for amateur coaches and instructors, and substitute teachers in the province. As of March 6, 2014 Saskatchewan’s substitute teachers and amateur coaches and instructors now have access to the WCB’s compensation benefits and services if they are injured on the job. This includes wage replacement, medical and hospital treatment, and vocational rehabilitation if needed. It also provides these employers and workers protection from lawsuits if an injury happens. As a result of this amendment, impacted employers must revise their 2014 payroll estimate to [...]

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WCB Reports on 2013 Results

Return to Work Rate Goes Up Average Claim Duration Goes Down Injury Rates Continue to Fall Remains Fully Funded The WCB’s 2013 Annual Report has been tabled in the provincial legislature. WCB Chair Gord Dobrowolsky said that last year’s operating results were positive for injured workers and employers. “Workers expect that their guarantee of benefits and services will be honoured if they get hurt,” Dobrowolsky said. “Employers expect that we will be effective and efficient in the administration of the compensation system. Our 2013 results show that we continue to meet their expectations very well.” Dobrowolsky added that continuing declines [...]

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Your information is secure

We have tested our web server and our systems for the online security flaw Heartbleed. None of our systems had or will have the bug, nor were they susceptible at any time. Your information is secure. We will continue to monitor the situation and will be updating this page if anything changes. If you have concerns or questions about your online account, call 1-800-667-7590 during regular business hours. Please note: we have a planned website outage for Sunday, April 13 from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. that is unrelated to the Heartbleed security flaw.

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