Workplace fatalities in 2017 trending slightly lower however workplace deaths in Sask. remain unacceptable

REGINA, SK – As 2017 comes to a close, the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) confirmed today that as of October 31, 22 lives have been lost in workplaces around the province. “Tragically, another 22 lives were lost this year in Saskatchewan workplaces,” said Phil Germain, Vice-President, Prevention and Employer Services. “But this is not about a number. These are fathers and mothers, sisters, brothers, parents and children whose lives have been cut short and the impact to families and their communities is forever life altering.” 2017 fatalities (as of Oct 31) in Saskatchewan: 4 Motor vehicle crash/aircraft (MVCs) 4 Traumatic 12 Occupational [...]

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Facts about the WCB’s Funded Position

Statement: Facts about the WCB’s Funded Position Recently, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) issued a press release referencing their own research document where they suggest that WCB’s across the country “are holding onto $6.8 billion in extra money.” Their research document goes on to suggest that all workers’ compensation board’s funding ranges in Canada should fall within 100 per cent to 110 per cent. This, however, runs contrary to the independent external actuarial advice that boards across the country have received to set funding ranges. While a review of CFIB’s research would be beneficial, they have been unable [...]

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WorkSafe Regional Workshop

Regina, SK - The sixth annual WorkSafe Saskatchewan Regional Workshop is taking place at the Days Inn in Swift Current today. The day will include information on: Organizational Performance Metrics (OPM) Ergonomics: Why do workers get injured? Changes to Marijuana Legislation: Impact on the Workplace The morning features a session on ergonomics and why workers get injured. The afternoon’s featured session is changes to Canadian marijuana legislation and what impact it may have on the workplace. “We are committed to our mission of zero injuries, zero suffering and zero fatalities.” says Shelly McFadden, Director of Prevention. “By bringing this one-day [...]

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