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Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Map


Our corporate strategy map documents our strategic objectives and shows how the four perspectives on the map link to reach our two overarching goals — worker and employer service excellence. We continue to use targets and metrics to track and analyze our performance. Each year the Board reviews and affirms the Balanced Scorecard.

1. The Customers’ Perspective
Customer satisfaction surveys measure performance within the Customer Perspective. The other three perspectives roll up to achieve the strategic objectives set for this perspective.

2. The Internal Perspective
Metrics in this perspective tell us how well we are running programs and services.

3. The Enablers’ Perspective
Engaged people are our key resource, and continuous process improvement enables effective and efficient processes to deliver customer service excellence. Positive relationships with stakeholders enable us to best serve the interests of workers and employers in program and service delivery and promotion of injury prevention and Mission: Zero.

4. The Financial Perspective
We strive to ensure adequate financial resources are maintained to meet obligations to injured workers by collecting the right amount of premiums and maximizing investment returns, providing value to our customers.

2018-2020 Strategic and Operational Plan

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