Policy Updates

The Policy and Procedure Manual contained on this website is the official policy manual of the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board.

What’s new?

The following policy and procedures were recently revised or introduced. All references to the “Act” are to The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013.

Travel Expense Rates (PRO 01/2019)

The appendix for PRO 01/2019 has been revised to reflect updated mileage rates, effective November 1, 2019.

Fatalities (POL & PRO 05/2019)

If a worker suffers a work-related fatality, immediate family members of the worker may be eligible for various support and benefits. A new policy and procedure have been approved to clarify what support may be provided.

Family Support – Seriously Injured Workers (POL & PRO 06/2019)

When a worker becomes seriously injured, immediate family members may attend the treatment facility and remain with the worker following the injury or diagnosis. The WCB will provide support by reimbursing reasonable expenses resulting from the families attendance at the treatment facility. This policy and procedure have been updated to clarify the WCB’s support.

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