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The Policy and Procedure Manual contained on this website is the official policy manual of the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board.

What’s new?

The following policy and procedures were recently revised or introduced. All references to the “Act” are to The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013.

Travel Expense Rates (POL & PRO 01/2019)

This policy and procedure establish the current rates at which workers are to be reimbursed for travel and sustenance expenses. The documents have been updated to reflect current process. Rates are included in an appendix attached to the procedure.

Decision Making (POL & PRO 02/2019)

This policy and procedure supersede POL & PRO 03/2012, Benefit of Doubt and are effective April 1, 2019.

These documents:

  • Outline WCB’s authority to make decisions.
  • Introduce the phrase “more likely than not” rather than using “balance of probabilities” when making decisions.
  • Clarify that when making decisions, staff must consider:
    • Relevant provisions of the Act and Regulations.
    • Relevant policies and procedures, and
    • All facts and circumstances relevant to the matter under review or consideration.
  • Introduce guidelines for rare or exceptional circumstances.

Under and Overestimating Payroll – Penalties and Credits (POL 03/2019)

The Act requires employers to report the actual payroll for their workers covered under the Act from the previous year and the estimated payroll for the current year. If an employer under or overestimates their payroll by more than 50%, WCB will adjust their premiums and may charge penalties or apply credits. This new policy outlines these penalties and credits.

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