Information for care providers on COVID-19

The following information is to assist care providers in determining their responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that you have many questions surrounding coverage, reporting responsibilities and process.

This page will be updated as new announcements are made and recently asked questions are received from care providers.

In consultation with the Coalition of Physical Rehabilitation Centres of Saskatchewan (CPRCS), the WCB is recommending that:

  1. Assessment of WCB secondary, tertiary, head trauma and upper extremity clients should be cancelled for all scheduled after end of day March 20, 2020; and
  2. Secondary/tertiary and mental health treatment centres pause our clients’ treatment, reverting to telephone and virtual management as reasonable and appropriate for the individual client, effective end of day March 20, 2020. The requirements of the regulatory bodies will need to be taken into account.

The above should be implemented until public health officials suggest the COVID-19 situation is resolved to the point that resumption of these services is safe.

While the assessment teams and treaters are asked to notify each worker of the above, please note the treatment centres are asked to re-intake the workers when they feel it is safe to do so, while WCB will take responsibility for rebooking the assessments.

The following fee codes may be used for those who continue patient management and/or follow up:

1. Treatment centres: may bill any of the following ensuring that fees billed do not exceed the time spent with the worker.

Biomechanical providers: fee code 2501 and 3501

Exercise therapy: fee codes 2505 and 3505

Conferencing: fee codes 2508 and 3508

Education: fee code 2511 or 3511

RTW: Fee code 2507 or 3502

Psychology: fee code 3509

2. Assessment services: appropriate cancellation fee code

Please advise the injured worker that you are notifying the WCB of the cancellation of the assessment team review or pausing of the treatment program.  Also, that the WCB will rebook the assessments (MDAs) at a later date while the treatment teams will take responsibility for re-intake of the workers, including new referrals for treatment who have not yet been processed.

In addition, send a list of the impacted workers to the WCB group email, including a worker’s initials and claim number and what services was cancelled or paused.

At this time, the WCB has no expectation of reporting but may ask for this in weeks to come.

The above would not apply to primary level services, as a separate communication is planned for the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association (SPA).

The WCB thanks each of the service providers and the association for their cooperation during this very difficult time and encourages calls to Liane Fafard at 306-787-4339 or 306-787-7760 or 306-537-6047.



Q: Should physiotherapists try to do progress reports on all workers even though they are not at 10 treatments?

A: Yes, the WCB asks that you complete as many reports as you can.

Q: Is WCB requesting any of the Early Reporting Agreement (ERA) specialist clinics to cancel their WCB expedited appointments?

A: The WCB is assuming that all ERA clinics are carrying on as usual unless we hear from them.  If they do decide to close their clinic due to COVID-19 please send a list of names and claim numbers of those workers whose appointments are being cancelled to the email address. Then call the worker and notify them that the WCB will rebook their appointment at a later time.

Q: Should physiotherapy clinics send in absentee forms for people choosing not to come to the appointment out of fear and not illness?

A: All clinics should continue to do the same thing that they would normally due for a cancelled appointment. If it is for primary physiotherapy they could conduct a telephone consultation as long as they and the worker were comfortable doing so.  Please bill fee code 2015 for the telephone consultation. It is $22.63 per 10 minutes.

Q: Will the WCB allow tele rehab for injured workers?

A: The WCB is supportive of alternate treatment delivery methods. Those considering offering rehabilitation services via alternate methods (remote, teleconference, etc.) should review and comply with the requirements of their licensing body.

WCB is working with the care provider associations to get information out regarding  billing for these services. If your association has not posted WCB fee information by Mar. 31, 2020, and WCB has not contacted you, please contact so that we can ensure your services are reimbursed.