By discipline: Pharmacy


The WCB can authorize a pharmacy to direct bill the WCB for a worker’s medication. The authorization provided to the pharmacy will specifically identify the type of medication the WCB will reimburse.

Pharmacies are encouraged to access Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) prior to issuing prescriptions to WCB clients to avoid duplicate issuance.

Pharmacy’s Billing Form (DRUG) 


Payment can only be issued if the invoice meets our criteria. The following information is required:

  • Worker’s name
  • Worker’s address
  • Provincial health number
  • Date of birth
  • Prescription fill date*
  • Care provider number
  • Pharmacy name
  • Pharmacy address
  • Pharmacy store number (if applicable)
  • Pharmacy Phone and fax number
  • Prescription amount
  • Invoice total

*Note: Please only include one month per invoice.

WCB will not pay any account rendered by a physician, surgeon, hospital or other health care professional or institution for medical aid service if application for payment is received by Operations or Medical Accounts after twelve-month period from the time the medical aid is administered to an injured worker.  See Procedure PRO53/2006.

Retain your daily record of the service you provide to our customers in case an audit is required.

The WCB should be billed for the total amount of the prescription cost. Please do not bill a 3rd party for a any portion of the approved prescription.

Please see the below quote, taken directly from Saskatchewan Health – Program and Services website:

Residents whose health services are covered under existing federal programs through First Nations and Inuit Health, Health Canada, Department of Veteran Affairs, Workers’ Compensation and federal penitentiaries are not eligible for Drug Plan benefits from Saskatchewan Health.


You are encouraged to register for a secure WCB Online Services account, which allow you to view past and present payment vouchers.

We issue payment to caregivers weekly and provides vouchers to confirm that the payments that were issued. These vouchers may include explanatory codes to provide detail regarding specific services.

Submit a direct deposit application to receive your payments by electronic transfer.