Experience Rating Program (ERP)


The Experience Rating Program (ERP) provides incentive that positively influences injury prevention and safety in the workplace. The program adjusts your premium rate to reflect your company’s claims history. You may receive a discount for a good claims record or be surcharged for a poor claims record.

Employers in the Experience Rating Program participate in either the Standard or Advanced Program based on their premiums paid over a three-year period.

  • Employers who have paid premiums of less than $21,000 over three years participate in the Standard Program.
  • Employers with $21,000 or more in premiums over three years participate in the Advanced Program.

For more information on the Experience Rating Program, view our brochure.

You will get a notice of both your premium rate and any discount or surcharge in December of each year, so you can see how your claims experience affects your premiums.