Expression of Interest 

The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (the “WCB”) invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from any interested, qualified and experienced Saskatchewan or Western Canadian Agency, or Company (“Consultant or Consultants”). Consultants interested in working together with the WCB on communications related efforts are asked to submit their qualifications, expertise and resource capabilities within the following service offerings:

1. Research, Strategic Communication, Marketing Development & Planning
2. Creative Design, Development & Production
3. Media Planning, Advertising & Buying
4. Event Management & Coordination
5. Photography
6. Web Development, Digital Marketing & Communications
7. Media Monitoring
8. Multimedia Production (television, video & related audio video production)
9. Public Relations
10. Social Media

The WCB is looking to engage the services of Consultants who can assist in the multi-faceted communications efforts of the Communications Department to both its internal and external customers.
Those Consultants who can effectively demonstrate experience in one or more of the above mentioned categories are encouraged to submit digitally and in hardcopy on or before July 13, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. (local time).

Reference number: 18REOI-00001
Issue Date: June 4, 2018
Place for submissions:

Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board
200 – 1881 Scarth Street, Regina SK S4P 4L1

All files are to be zipped, placed on your cloud storage (for example Google Drive, Drop Box) and a link sent to with subject heading: EOI SUBMISSION & COMPANY NAME

Download EOI submission form

When you refer to “Web Development, Digital Marketing & Communications”, are there any specific marketing and communications services that you are looking for (e.g. SEO, SEM, DSP, Social Media, CRO, content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, etc.)?  

Answer:  The Communications Department is primarily focused on external communications with our customer base and secondarily on our internal communications with WCB staff. Expanding our reach within Saskatchewan and specifically to key target groups is a constant driver. We are looking for digital/social network, content marketing, email marketing but are not limited if it means grouping our networks and reaching more of our customers with key messaging.

Under Capability, when you refer to “Infrastructure and other support” do you mean Staff and Resources to be assigned to the campaigns or some other aspect of infrastructure?

Answer: We are looking for assurances that your organization can support our needs at the same time as your other customer needs. For example, are you a 2-person organization with key partnerships or satellite offices and access to other resources both HR and technology.

Would we be allowed to add an Appendix in order to capture all of the resumes/CVs of our proposed team members?

Answer: Yes, please include an appendix.

Can you clarify the word limit for the “Staff resources” in Section 4, Capability? Is 250 words the total allotted for entire proposed team, or are we allotted up to 250 words per staff member proposed?

Answer: Thank you for your question, the word limit is 250 words in total.

Were you looking for us to recreate it in a word document, or is there a word document that you could send along so we can fill it in?

Answer: The Expression of Interest (EOI) questions that were sent out are in fact in a PDF. We suggest you use whatever means of conversion necessary to fill out the
document to submit.

Our firm offers marketing research services and has substantial experience with pre-campaign advertising / communications testing as well as post-campaign marketing effectiveness testing. Can you please confirm whether you are interested in marketing research firms providing a submission (as a sub-component of the “Research, Strategic Communication, Marketing Development & Planning” service offering)? If so, can you please provide some details on the types of marketing research services you are interested in and what volume of those services you might expect over the course of a year?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Our Data Governance Department manages the relationship with our marketing research firms.

What expectations or requirements does the Saskatchewan WCB have for in-person meetings when engaging with Consultants on projects?

Answer: Initial meetings are expected to be in-person, however we are accustomed to working with firms from a distance.

We find that we are able to deliver much more rich and refined proposals when we are able to spend even a short time with potential clients. Will there be a chance for an in person Q and A session with yourself and members of the team?

Answer: The Expression of Interest process is for the WCB to have a list of vendors who we can work with at our discretion. Your proposal is not for a particular project but rather a showcase of your firm’s skill, capacity and capabilities. We will short list each category based on the submissions we receive.

Will there be an in person presentation for short listed agencies?

Answer: That has not been the practice.

Is WCB currently working with another agency of record? If no agency of record, how is the work done today?

Answer: We do not have an agency of record. This EOI is not for an agency of record but rather to develop a short-list of firms we can call on as projects arise.

Has something changed at Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board that created the need for this competition or is this a time based competition?

Answer: No.

Is there an estimated budget, or can past years’ marketing spends be shared?

Answer: This is not for a specific project or agency of record application but rather an EOI to develop a short list of firms, consultants and agencies that the WCB approves and then works with over a 3 year period depending on our needs and the projects that arise.


Project Manager contact information:

Carolyn Van der Veen