We are improving our processes to make it easier for you to do business with us.  One area we are currently looking at is making our claim reporting processes better. This improvement is one of many we will make in the coming months and years as we review our key processes from a customer service perspective.

Last year, we surveyed a group of employers to learn where they thought the claim reporting process could be improved. We are using that feedback in a pilot project that intends to improve our practices and streamline your tasks. We are currently piloting changes in this area and intend to have a full implementation in place by June.

We are working with you to design a process that makes it easier for employers to report injuries within five calendar days of first learning about the injury; and make sure that the first compensation payments are prompt and right so that workers don’t face any problems.

For more information on the current pilot project, contact Mick Williams, Vice President, Administration at (306) 787-4444 or mwilliams@wcbsask.com.

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