Safety & Prevention

WCB has a fierce determination to assist employers to reduce and eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses.

The WCB believes all workplace injuries are predictable and preventable. Eliminating hazards in the workplace requires the cooperation of everyone: employers, workers, customers.

Through the WorkSafe Saskatchewan partnership, WCB helps employers provide a safe workplace.

Below is a list of resources you can use to promote and improve safety at your workplace:

WorkSafe Saskatchewan

This website contains a collection of occupational health and safety resources designed to help workers and employers prevent injuries and illnesses in their workplaces. Go to the Worksafe Saskatchewan website.

Safety Associations

The WCB funds and works cooperatively with a number of safety associations to promote injury prevention in a variety of industries. Check to see if your industry has a safety association.

View our safety association guidelines to find out how to:

  • Establish a safety association for the purpose of injury prevention and safety
  • Apply for funding

Safe Saskatchewan

An injury-free Saskatchewan where safe lifestyles influence how we live, work and play is within our reach. Learn how to keep your family safe at home by going to the Safe Saskatchewan website.