A former WCB claimant was sentenced on June 19, 2015, in Saskatoon Queen’s Bench Court for defrauding the WCB.

The former claimant pled guilty to a charge of fraud over $5,000 in relation to his going back to work while still receiving income replacement. He was sentenced to a 6-month conditional sentence and ordered to reimburse the WCB.

The WCB has a responsibility to safeguard the workers’ compensation system. It relies on workers, employers, and caregivers to accurately report injuries, employment activities, payroll, and medical treatment.

Anyone can report suspected fraud toll free at 1.877.595.2541 or email fraud@wcbsask.com. Details on fraud are available at the WCB’s website, www.wcbsask.com. Under ‘About WCB’, click on ‘What we do’ then ‘Fraud & Abuse’.

For more information, please contact:
Carolyn Van der Veen
Director, Planning and Communications
Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board
Phone: 306.787.4386, email: cvanderveen@wcbsask.com

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