2017 Premium Rates & Rate Classification of Industries

Rate Code Rate Code Description (PowerPoint) 2016 2017 Change from 2016 to 2017 Rate Classification of Industries
A11 Light Agricultural Operations 2.98 2.82 -5.4%


01 Artificial insemination

02 Poultry farming (voluntary)

03 Tree or shrub nurseries, greenhouses

06 Commercial fishing (voluntary)

07 Trapping (voluntary)

08 Fur farming (voluntary)

09 Wild rice growing (voluntary)

10 Fish hatcheries (voluntary)

11 Mushroom farming

12 Market gardening

14 Piggery (voluntary)

15 Honey processing and apiaries

16 Operation of feedlots or other livestock yards (voluntary)

17 Operation of stockyards with railway entry

18 Auctioneering of livestock and machinery

19 Garden tilling, lawn maintenance, horticulture

20 Riding academies, stables

22 Tree planting

A21 Farming and Ranching 1.97 1.70 -13.7%


01 Grain or mixed farming (voluntary)

02 Ranching, dairy farming (voluntary)

03 Grazing co-operatives (voluntary)

04 Custom harvesting (voluntary), sod farming, other farming not voluntary

06 Fertilizer and chemical application

07 Vegetation control, mosquito and tree spraying

A31 Grain Elevators and Inland Terminals 0.83 0.70 -15.7%


01 Operation of grain elevators, inland terminals

and grain handlers

B11 Construction Trades 1.57 1.52 -3.2%


01 Plumbing, heating, roto-rooter service, air conditioning, furnace repair and service, sewer and water maintenance

02 Dairy equipment installation, livestock feeding equipment installation

03 Fire sprinkler installation

04 Commercial kitchen and cafeteria equipment installation

05 All electrical work

07 Mechanical sheet metal work and duct work

09 General mechanical contracting offering a combination of all related trades

10 Refrigeration exclusively

11 Manual chimney sweeps

16 Swimming pool installation, residential and commercial

18 TV and radio antenna erection, lightning rod installation and wind velocity monitoring

21 Satellite dish system installation

24 Overhead door installation

26 Vacuum systems installation

27 On-site cabinet making and installation, including incidental shop fabrication as a business

B12 Residential Construction 2.82 2.64 -6.4%


01 Painting, sandblasting, decorating, wallcovering, spraytex, stippling

02 Acoustic ceilings, residential and other interior renovations, metal studs, movable partitions, handyman service, carpentry

03 Home owner construction for self (voluntary)

04 Residential construction

05 Project management and construction

07 Insulation installation and removal, including mechanical blown rigid plus rock wool, excluding roof insulation

12 Marina and wharf construction

13 Window cleaning as a business

14 Service station maintenance and renovations

15 Install fire escapes and iron stairs, miscellaneous metal installation, playground apparatus installation, stage construction and assembly

16 Industrial maintenance, bit or blade sharpening at industrial sites

17 Dampproofing

18 Steam cleaning of buildings

20 Fence erection

21 Stuccoing and plastering

22 Outdoor sign erection, advertising, display work and sign painting including erection

23 Elevator and escalator installation

24 Siding application, eavestroughing, soffits, fascia, custom flashing and cladding

26 Framing

27 Construction of wood frame farm buildings

B13 Commercial, Industrial Construction 2.15 1.97 -8.4%


01 Installation of flooring, linoleum, tile, carpeting and mosaic tile

04 Door, window and glass installation, commercial glazing

05 Erection of metal bins, granaries, commercial and non-commercial quonsets, feed and storage installation

07 Paving stone installation

08 Construction of grain elevators and inland terminals

09 Greenhouse construction and installation

10 Caisson work and pile driving

11 Underwater work incidental with industry subject to the Act

12 Industrial construction, such as boilers, conveyors’ scales, mine buildings, oilfield construction, oil derricks, silos, water towers, tanks, filtration and sewage plants, pumping stations, compressor stations, refinery stations, treater houses, dragline erection, chimney stacks, tower. construction and services, industrial plant work, industrial. pipefitting

13 Precast concrete erection

14 Concrete work, cement finishing, guniting, grouting, pargetting, reinforcing steel, placing mesh and other steel specialties

15 Concrete reservoirs, concrete bridge approaches

16 Drywall including boarding, taping and incidental spraytex, stippling, metal studs and acoustic ceilings

17 Commercial construction and renovations, such as institutions, apartment buildings, office buildings, etc.

18 Bricklaying and masonry, marble and stone setting

20 Roofing, shingle, tar and gravel, asphalt, metal and

roof insulation

21 Scaffolding

22 Structural steel

C12 Light Commodity Marketing 0.60 0.58 -3.3%


01 Dry goods, clothing stores, milliners, wig shops, leather goods, shoe stores (including repair), safety supplies, medical supplies

02 Tailoring and seamstressing, sewing machine sales and service

03 Stationery, book stores, jewellery, music stores, photo and film stores, news vendor, variety, craft and hobby shops, giftware, video rentals, art gallery, clock manufacturing and repair, picture framing and sales

04 Piano tuning

05 Florists, interior landscaping

06 Trophies and medals

07 Handicraft sales

08 Tobacco stores, health foods, health aid vending

09 Pool halls, bowling alleys, miniature or indoor golf facilities

10 Theatres

11 Paint and wallpaper

12 Veterinary supplies, pet shops, garden and seed supplies

13 Retail drugs and pharmacies

14 Barbering supplies

15 Liquor vendors, beer and wine stores, sale of beer and wine making supplies

16 Non-institutional social services, second-hand merchandise stores

17 Computer sales and service, business machines, office equipment, school supplies, inventory work

18 Optical outlets, hearing aids

20 Pharmaceutical preparations and manufacturing, manufacture of plastic items

21 Bookbinding

22 Electronic component assembly

23 Graphic design

24 Advertising and communications agencies

25 Newspaper and other publishing, without on-site printing

C32 Grocery, Department Store, Hardware 1.09 1.07 -1.8%


01 Grocery with meats

02 Appliance repair, sharpening service, bit sales and service

03 Fire extinguisher sales and service

04 Electric and gas fixture sales, service and repair

05 Cleaning supplies, bathtub repairs and refinishing

06 Light retail and wholesale

07 Oilfield equipment and supplies (sales only)

08 Plumbing and heating supplies, swimming pools (sales only)

09 Carpet and floor covering sales (no installation)

10 Department stores

11 Manufacture of clothing, tents, awnings and protective covering

12 Hardware, locksmith

13 Vacuum cleaner sales and service

14 Hardware retailed by builder supplies

15 Commercial hatcheries

16 Garden centres, plant maintenance

17 Auto parts and accessories, auto electric parts, tire sales (no servicing), farm parts and supplies (no servicing), auto glass repair

18 Taxidermy

19 Ice cube and bottled water manufacture and distribution

20 Sporting goods, bicycle repair

21 TV and radio sales and service, car stereo installation, electronic service and repair

22 Satellite dish and antennae sales and service

23 Internal coaxial cable hook up, telephone set conversion, mobile phone sales and service

24 Furs and furriers

25 Coin-operated amusements, vending machines, coffee and popcorn vending machines, remote control cars

26 Pawn shops, second hand stores, antiques, lapidary work, gunsmiths

27 Fruit, vegetables and confectionery stores, convenience stores with or without gas bar

28 Pottery, glassware

29 Harness, saddlery

30 Rubber stamps, banners and crests

31 Newspaper and other publishing, with on-site printing

32 Embossing, typesetting, printing, lithography

33 Advertising and display work

C33 Wholesale, Chain Stores 1.63 1.59 -2.5%


02 Wholesale food establishments

03 Chain store food outlets

04 Mail order stores, bus depots

05 Upholstering: manufacture or refurbishing of mattresses, caskets and furniture

06 Venetian blind sales and installation

07 Butcher shops and meat markets

08 Draperies as a business (including installation)

09 Beef grading, wholesaling and grading of eggs as a business

10 Furniture stores

11 Soft water service

12 Advertising distribution, portable sign placement, including lettering

C41 Co-operative Associations 1.44 1.32 -8.3%


01 Co-operative associations

C51 Lumber Yards, Builders Supplies 2.32 2.18 -6.0%


01 Lumber yards and builders’ supplies, kitchen cabinet sales only, wholesale metal

02 Alarm systems, x-ray, electronic installations and instrumentation

C61 Automotive and Implement Sales and Service 1.17 1.13 -3.4%


01 Auto and heavy duty truck sales and service

02 Wholesale implements (without service or overhaul)

03 Car washing, cleaning and glamourizing, glass tinting

04 Gas bars, self service or attendants only

05 Auto rental

06 Commercial parking lots with or without auto service, weigh scale operator

07 Motorized sports equipment service, motorcycles

08 Automotive machining, engine rebuilding

09 Electric motor rewinding

10 Small equipment rental, incidental sales and service, staging, sound and lighting

11 Lube shops

12 Used car lots with or without service

13 Trailer sales and service, mobile homes sales and service, R.V. sales and service, R.V. and trailer rentals

14 Bulk oil, propane, fertilizer, and chemical sales and distribution, distribution of cement powder

15 Farm implement dealerships, mechanical irrigation equipment sales and service

C62 Automotive Service Shops, Towing 1.89 1.78 -5.8%


01 Service stations, garages, mobile mechanics

02 Heavy duty truck and equipment service only

03 Muffler shops

04 Spring service

05 Transmission shops

06 Battery shops

08 Retreading and vulcanizing, tire service

09 Auto electric shops with service, small engine repair

10 Diesel injection service

13 Frame and wheel alignment

14 Radiator repair shop

15 Industrial equipment sales, service and repair, service crane

16 Towing as a business

20 Autobody and paint shops, bumper electroplating, auto rust proofing, auto glass installation, auto vinyl roofs, fibreglassing boats and autos

D32 Operation of Oilwells 0.72 0.67 -6.9%


01 Mud service

02 Pumpjack and meter service

03 Electromagnetic and magnetometer work, mapping, dynamometer, instrumentation service, gravity metering, flow evaluation, oilfield safety

04 Chemical and hot oil service, dewaxing flowlines and tubing, sand and gas control

05 Cathodic protection service

06 Oil and gas exploration, geological work (oil and gas only) including survey

07 Battery operating, oilwell pumping

08 Oilfield management consulting or supervision with no line responsibility, oilfield or mining inspection

D41 Oilwell Servicing 1.40 1.40 0.0%


01 Rathole, seismic, shot hole and directional drilling down to 200 feet, rig anchoring

02 Servicing oil and gas wells other than with rigs, including logging, perforating and wireline work, acidizing and fracturing work, shot hole cementing, pump and water well servicing

03 Oilfield salvaging, reclaiming

04 Maintenance and site preparation, oilfield fencing, oil and gas development

05 Industrial steam cleaning of oil or refinery tanks, vacuum and pressure truck (oil and gas only), steam cleaning of oilwells, salt water disposal, oilfield fire truck, fire protection, seismic survey, geophysical survey (oil and gas only), flushby services

06 Oilfield equipment maintenance and incidental installation

07 Diamond coring, drill stem testing, coring

08 Crude oil hauling, water hauling incidental to oilfield work within battery only

D51 Service Rigs and Water Well Drilling 1.76 1.61 -8.5%


01 Service rig for gas or oilwells, well servicing with rig

02 Power tong service

03 Water well drilling

D52 Seismic Drilling 1.92 1.86 -3.1%


01 Drilling for gas, oil or minerals

02 Seismic below 200 feet

D71 Open Pit Mining 0.86 0.87 1.2%


01 Open-pit mining

D72 Underground Softrock Mining 0.77 0.73 -5.2%


01 Underground softrock mining

D73 Underground Hardrock Mining 0.97 0.79 -18.6%


01 Underground hardrock mining

G11 Post Secondary Education 0.45 0.41 -8.9%


01 Universities, federated and affiliated colleges

06 Adult education and regional colleges

07 Churches

09 Vocational, trade school and business colleges

G12 Elementary and Secondary Education 1.14 1.17 2.6%


01 School divisions

02 Elementary and secondary schools with residences

05 School bus operations

06 Driver training

07 Private elementary and secondary schools

G22 Health Authority, Hospitals and Care Homes 1.75 1.60 -8.6%


01 Special care homes, rest homes, homes for senior citizens, sanitariums, boarding houses, regional care, private care homes

02 Group care institutions, houses for people with disabilities

03 Hospitals, health care administration

04 District home care

05 Ambulance service

06 Health authorities

G31 Cities, Towns, Villages and Rural Municipalities 1.29 1.20 -7.0%


01 The City of Regina and the local agricultural society

or exhibition board

02 Buffalo Pound Water Administration Board

03 The City of Saskatoon and the local agricultural society or exhibition board

05 All other cities and the local agricultural society or exhibition board

06 All towns and the local agricultural societies or exhibition boards

07 All villages and the local agricultural societies or exhibition boards

08 Indian bands (voluntary), northern community areas

09 Rural municipalities

10 Conservation and development areas, agricultural boards

11 Weed control authorities, rural pest control

12 Watershed and water users associations

G51 Government of Saskatchewan and Ministries 1.39 1.30 -6.5%


01 The Crown in the Right of Saskatchewan

02 Other ministries and agencies

M31 Manufacturing, Pipeline Operations 0.54 0.46 -14.8%


01 Manufacturing, transmission and distribution of natural and artificial gas including propane

02 Operation of pipelines, including safety maintenance

03 Solution potash mining, sodium sulfate production, manufacture tobacco products

04 Wholesale marketing and storage of petroleum products

05 Manufacture of emulsified asphalt

06 Lime kilns

M33 Refineries and Upgrader 0.72 0.72 0.0%


01 Refineries and upgrader (operation)

02 Manufacture of chemicals, corrosive acids, fertilizers, pulp and paper

M41 Dairy Products, Soft Drinks 2.62 2.40 -8.4%


04 Dairy products

05 Soft drinks and soda water

M42 Bakeries, Food Preparation and Packaging 1.62 1.56 -3.7%


01 Bakeries

03 Food preparation and packaging, fish packing, canning,

sodium bicarbonate manufacturing, pet food preparation

04 Wholesale bakeries and chain food store bakeries

05 Manufacture of condiments, confectionery, vinegar, pickles, cider

06 Manufacture of alcoholic beverages

07 Manufacture of vegetable oils

M62 Mills, Semi Medium Manufacturing 2.19 2.00 -8.7%


01 Flour milling

02 Feed mills, seed plants, including cleaning, grain drying

03 Brine shrimp processing

04 Mobile farm feed service (voluntary), flax straw processing including buying, trucking, and stacking

05 Alfalfa dehydrating – excluding harvesting

07 Manufacture of paper and cardboard products

08 Plastic piping and plastic related products, celluloid

articles, fibreglass products, and gypsum wallboard

09 Briquette production, candle manufacture

10 Semi medium manufacture and assembly, light aircraft manufacture and assembly

11 Manufacture of metal highway signs, license plates

12 Boat and canoe manufacturing

13 Furniture manufacturing

14 Bottle exchanges, can recycling, general recycling

15 Paint, dyes, bleach, soaps, extracts, mucilage

16 Cordage, rope, fibre and mud flap manufacturing

17 Brooms and brushes

18 Electric cables and wires

19 Manufacture of glass beads

20 Preparation of hides including curing and tanning

21 Manufacture of cement (no quarry) and aggregate

22 Aluminum and glass shops (window, door, etc.) including incidental installation (to 15% maximum), window tinting of buildings

23 Sign manufacture (electric neon)

25 Manufacture light or small articles

26 Saw, stud, chip, OSB, plywood, planing mills and wood preserving

M72 Processing Meat, Poultry and Fish 2.64 2.48 -6.1%


07 Meat processing

08 Poultry processing for wholesale market

09 Fish processing

10 Rendering plants

M81 Metal Foundries and Mills 1.58 1.59 0.6%


01 Iron and steel processing

02 Scrap metal salvage including loading and delivery

03 Junk dealers, auto wrecking, auto salvage

M91 Agricultural Equipment 1.69 1.52 -10.1%


01 Agricultural equipment

M92 Machine Shops, Manufacturing 1.61 1.44 -10.6%


01 Blacksmith and machine shops

02 Welding

03 Ornamental iron works

04 Clay products, vermiculite, roof tile

05 Trailer and mobile home manufacture

06 Steel buildings

07 Medium equipment manufacture, including assembly

08 Pressure washing

09 Any wood-related manufacturing (plant or factory operation) of cabinets, millwork, pre-fab of wood-related construction products, including sash and door, pallet manufacturing with incidental installation

10 Marble works, stone cutting and dressing, sand screen manufacture

11 Monument installation, incidental marble and stone setting

12 Manufacture of concrete blocks, brick, artificial stone

13 Manufacture of rock wool insulation

14 Ready-mix including delivery

15 Plant pipe coating and wrapping (i.e. plastic, paints, epoxy, coating)

M94 Iron and Steel Fabrication 2.39 1.97 -17.6%


01 Iron and steel fabricating, manufacture industrial equipment, storage and truck tanks, rebar, manufacture of heavy metal products including warehousing of raw and finished products

02 Steel culverts, metal pipe, sewer pipe

03 Boilers, furnaces

04 Tank car repair and maintenance

05 Barrel and drum reconditioning

R11 Road Construction and Earthwork 1.86 1.73 -7.0%


01 Roadwork, earthmoving, paving streets, driveways; dam construction (excluding concrete work), dredging, breakwaters; earthwork incidental to bridge approaches, dragline work, bobcat work incidental to earthwork

03 Peat moss production and hauling

06 Excavating cellars, basements, foundations, backhoe

07 Vinyl lining for holding ponds, etc.

08 Gravel work – pits, crushing, hauling and stockpiling; asphalt manufacturing and hauling, clay pits, quarrying

09 Landscaping, tree trimming, park development as a business, lawn sprinkler installation, tree thinning, compost, land reclaiming

11 Airport runways

12 Railway construction and removal

13 Irrigation work

14 Trenching for wire conduits, plowing and directional drilling for cable line installation

15 Power and telephone line construction including maintenance and removal other than Government of Saskatchewan or Saskatchewan Power Corporation

16 Ice harvesting

17 Cat work, (miscellaneous) snow removal, parking lot maintenance, sanding, scarifying, acrylic painting of roads and parking lots, horizontal/augering services, boring services, sodium sulphate harvesting, ground fire crew

18 Corral and feed lot cleaning as a business, manure spreading, mowing of right of way, custom rock picking by or for an industry under the Act

19 Septic tank installation

20 Pipeline construction, gas line including maintenance, repair, testing and stringing, pipeline testing

21 Land clearing, brushcutting and stumping (Crown land is mandatory and private land is voluntary)

22 Building moving

23 Equipment rental and incidental maintenance with operators including cranes, pneumatic concrete pumping, mudjacking

24 Sewer and water trenching, tunnelling, canals

25 Demolition, dismantling

26 Tire shredding

28 Logging and silviculture operations

S11 Legal Offices, Financial, Drafting 0.15 0.15 0.0%


01 Legal offices

02 Band masters, music band office

03 Financial institutions, credit unions, banks, investment companies

04 Drafting, blueprinting

S12 Offices, Professionals 0.25 0.23 -8.0%


01 Employment services, business consultants, telephone answering service, telephone canvassing, microfilm, information technology services, tourist information booth

02 Meteorological stations

03 Lottery kiosks, distribution and sales

04 Unions, associations

05 Medical offices and laboratories

06 Physiotherapists, laser, occupational and massage therapy

07 Optometrists, radiologists, dental offices, denturists, audiology, dental laboratories

08 Library boards

09 Photography studios, digital photography

10 Film production

12 Real estate and farm management including appraisals, property management (no caretaking)

13 Collection agencies, custom brokerage offices, insurance adjusters, manufacturer agents

14 Motor clubs, travel agencies

15 Accounting offices, computerized accounting

16 Insurance offices

17 Radio and TV stations

18 Barbering

19 Hairdressing, esthetics

20 Tanning salons

21 Tutoring services

S14 Unions (Premium assessed on per delegate basis) 6.00 6.00 0.0%


01 Union and association delegates (voluntary)

S21 Community and Social Services 1.10 1.03 -6.4%


01 Coin-operated laundries

02 Hostels

03 Day nurseries or crèches, preschool instruction

04 Aid societies, rehabilitation services, social services home support services, community service, independent living programs and counselling services

05 Sheltered workshops/activity centres

06 Animal clinics, animal sample collection

07 Undertaking and funeral directing

08 Protective services, bailiffs, detective services, house sitters, security patrol, investigation service

09 Housing authorities

10 Mobile health services

S22 Restaurants, Catering, Dry Cleaning 0.87 0.82 -5.7%


01 Restaurants, cafés, licensed lounges, canteens, delicatessens, catering, coffee houses, ice cream or food concessions

02 Auto and trailer courts

04 Dyeing, carpet and upholstery cleaning, bleaching

05 Dry cleaning and incidental laundries

06 Camp catering

07 Mobile and railway catering

S23 Hotels, Motels, Taxis 1.58 1.49 -5.7%


01 Hotels, hotel management, motels, bed and breakfasts, independent living facilities

02 Commercial laundries

05 Camps, lodges, resorts, outfitters

06 Taxi operation

S32 Personal, Business and Leisure Services 1.11 1.07 -3.6%


01 Caretaking services in apartment and business blocks, elevator operators, building maintenance management

02 Power vacuuming, furnace cleaning, computer cleaning

03 Administration and maintenance only of: sports clubs, curling and skating rinks, swimming pools, golf clubs, amusement parks, rinks, bingo halls, casinos, ball park maintenance, seniors clubs

04 SPCA and kennels, humane society

06 Service clubs

07 Domestics, private home owners only (voluntary)

08 Spas, gymnasiums, fitness centres, instruction

09 Museums, waterfowl management, household estate organizations

10 Meewasin Valley Authority

11 Auditoriums

S33 Caretaking, Park Authorities 1.09 1.05 -3.7%


01 Caretaking as a business

02 Cemetery caretaking

03 Exterminating services, pest control

04 Park boards and regional park authorities, park maintenance

05 Wascana Centre Authority

06 Manpower services, apprenticeship training

07 Domestics as a business (public)

08 Regional airport authorities

S41 Engineering, Testing and Surveying 0.34 0.33 -2.9%


01 Consulting engineers

02 Architects, interior design

03 Laboratory testing of soil and chemicals

04 Core analysis including incidental field operations

05 Ecological work

07 Marketing representatives and manufacturing agent (voluntary) (not part of a provincially-based marketed outlet)

08 Postal services

09 4-H councils

10 Safety consultants, landmen

11 Surveying, land survey, laser optic alignment

12 X-ray and TV inspection, metal work and pipe inspection, wooden pole and bridge inspection, testing and inspection of building materials, fire inspection, building inspection, testing and inspection, meter readers, corrosion prevention

13 Archaeological work

15 Forest area management

T42 Trucking, Courier, Commercial Bus 3.44 3.18 -7.6%


01 Interprovincial trucking, U.S.-based trucking

03 Mail hauling, inter urban

05 Local and provincial hauling, household movers, grain hauling

06 Commercial bus operations including maintenance

07 Messenger, courier and armoured car service, express agent, mobile escort (pilot car), limo service

09 Expediting, hot shot service

10 Soft drink distribution as a business

11 Urban mail service

13 Cold storage

14 Portable toilet rentals

16 Forwarding companies and warehousing as a business

20 Sundry trucking, water hauling, oil hauling outside battery

21 Garbage collecting, waste disposal, septic tank cleaning, hydro blast (locate underground lines) tire collection/distribution

22 Mobile steam cleaning

24 Stevedoring, barging, transportation by water

25 Log and pulpwood hauling

T51 Operation of Railways 1.43 1.28 -10.5%


01 Operation of railways

T61 Commercial Air Transportation 1.15 1.01 -12.2%


01 Commercial air transportation, chartered

02 Pilot training flying, airplane sales

03 Aerial pipeline patrol and aerial survey (when licensed by the Canadian Transportation Agency and having a place of business in Saskatchewan)

04 Repair of airplanes and hydroplanes

05 Aerial crop spraying (when licensed by the Canadian Transportation Agency and having a place of business in Saskatchewan)

06 Operation of helicopters, etc. (when licensed by the Canadian Transportation Agency and having a place of business in Saskatchewan, including incidental repair and maintenance thereof)

07 Waterbombing

U11 Telecommunications 0.46 0.43 -6.5%


01 Telecommunications

U31 Electric Systems 0.83 0.74 -10.8%


01 Generation and transmission of electric systems

BOARD LEVEL 1.34 1.24 -7.5%


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