Corporate Social Responsibility


Our Corporate Values and Beliefs guide our commitment to be socially responsible in our workplaces and in our communities.

There are four ways that we practice social responsibility:

  • Our leadership and influence in workplace safety and injury prevention.
  • Our impact on our environment.
  • A healthy and safe work environment for our employees.
  • Our support of non-profit and community organizations.

Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention:

Every injury is predictable and preventable. Even one injury is too many and we believe it is socially responsible to use our influence to reach Mission: Zero’s goal of zero injuries, zero fatalities, and zero suffering

Our Environment:

  • We work to lessen our impact through automation/technology, recycling programs, providing support to employees in their efforts, and sourcing vendors who demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

A Healthy and Safe Working Environment :

We provide support for programs related to employee health and safety e.g. Healthy Lifestyles, LifeWorks, fitness classes, flu clinics and many other initiatives.  We also want our employees to work safely on a day-to-day basis and, as such, our employees are provided with ergonomic assessments and sit/stand stations.

Support for Non-Profit and Community Organizations:

We are fortunate to have employees who give back to their communities as volunteers and community leaders. To support their volunteerism, every employee is eligible to take up to one paid day a year to promote health and safety and work with charitable organizations.

We held our Safety Ambassador program during 2016 whereby teams of employees were challenged to think of innovative ways to promote safety at work, home, or play. Many events were held with safety messages carried to hundreds in our communities.

Financial Support to Community Organizations:

We provide financial support to charities and community organizations and events with objectives that complement our priorities. Through this support, we aim to help these organizations meet their goals.