Accountability & Events


How is the WCB held accountable for its decisions?

The WCB is accountable to customers in several ways. The WCB’s events provide an opportunity for customers to meet with key decision makers.

How can I find out about WCB events?

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Employer premium meeting
We hold employer information and consultation sessions each year in the fall. Employer groups and associations are invited to discuss our preliminary premium rates for the next year.

Compensation Institute
Compensation Institute is unique in Canada and is held in the spring every year. The free annual two-day event is open to the public.  The conference provides tools and tips on how to prevent and manage workplace injuries. It also provides information on claims management and employer services at the WCB.

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Annual General Meeting
In May of each year, the WCB hosts its annual general meeting. The Board and Executive members provide a report on policy decisions, financial operations, and an update on new and continuing initiatives.

View the 2020 annual general meeting presentation, transcripts, and questions and answers.

Committee of Review
The Saskatchewan government establishes a WCB Committee of Review (COR) every four years. Our principal customers – workers and employers – are represented on each Committee. The Committee may inquire into any and all aspects of the WCB’s operations. The Committee of Review can recommend amendments to legislation, or changes to the WCB’s policies or practices.

The most recent Committee of Review was in 2015, and the report was released in 2016. Please see report and recommendations