• Providing Excellent Service; Fully Funded
• Meeting Objectives; Achieving Injury Prevention
• A Stable and Sustainable Compensation System

Delivering service excellence and prudent management practices are the dominant themes at the WCB’s 2014 Annual General Meeting, being held this morning at the Hilton Garden Inn in Saskatoon and May 7 in Regina.

Nearly 100 interested stakeholders, representing business as well as business and labour organizations, are expected to attend either the Saskatoon or Regina AGM. WCB Chairperson Gord Dobrowolsky says the Saskatchewan WCB was one of the first in Canada to hold an AGM. “Our stakeholders have a high standard for accountability in how their workers’ compensation system is run. Our AGMs are our opportunity to talk to them about the decisions we made through the year and the results we achieved on their behalf.”

For Dobrowolsky, the most important result is a compensation system that is fair, stable and sustainable in to the future. “This is how we back up the guarantee to workers that there will be compensation benefits and programs to help them if they are injured. Our promise to employers is that we will be cost effective in the way we manage the system that they fund.”

CEO Peter Federko pointed to three year-end results that capture 2013 successes. “We remain fully funded. Our customer service metrics remain in the excellent service range and injury rates continue to go down. These results tell us that we are directing our resources at the right business and service objectives.”

Federko added that the WCB’s stakeholders had a hand in 2013’s success. “We rely on employers, workers and health care providers cooperating with us to achieve the best possible service or program outcome. It’s a partnership that works whether we want to turn around an employer’s injury experience, build a return to work program, or organize medical treatment.”

Looking for ways to improve service for employers and workers is a daily priority for the WCB, according to Dobrowolsky and Federko. Pilot projects in 2013 helped to build the WCB’s process improvement model. In 2014, the focus will be on faster processing for time loss claims and improving the return to work process for injured workers.

The WCB will hold its second 2014 Annual General Meeting tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina.

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