Information for Workers

We recognize that each person’s injury/illness and recovery is unique. A team effort involving you, your healthcare providers and us will be used to ensure you get healthcare and other services to help with your return to health and work. Many employers have also implemented disability management programs to help with the recovery process.

A work injury is the result of any work-related event that causes a need for medical treatment and/or time away from workLearn More
We provide benefits to injured workers, depending on the medical and vocational needs of the situationLearn More
By getting a worker back to work as soon as medically safe, the physical and emotional impact for that worker and other employees is reducedLearn More
Injured workers have the right to appeal a decision on their WCB claimLearn More
The role of the office is to listen to client concerns, provide information on how the WCB system operates and try to resolve problemsLearn More
View fact sheets and other publications that contain valuable information and answers to your questionsLearn More