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Workers’ compensation protects both employers and workers from the results of workplace injuries. Employers are protected against lawsuits and injured workers receive benefits.

Under The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 (the Act), all employers operating in industries covered under Saskatchewan’s legislation, who hire workers on a regular, casual or contractual basis, must register and create an account with us. Exempted industries and occupations are listed in Section 3 of the Act (Farming & Ranching) and in the Miscellaneous Regulations (all other excluded industries).

Read and accept the disclaimer, then complete and submit the registration form. The online registration process should only take about 15 minutes.

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Generally, you must register if your firm:

  • Works in an industry that is defined as mandatory under the Act, and
  • Employs and pays workers on a regular, casual or contract basis.
  • Has a director that reports employment income on a Canada Revenue Agency T4 income tax slip.

If you come from another province or country to work in Saskatchewan, have no place of business in Saskatchewan and do not employ Saskatchewan resident workers, you should apply for an account if:

  • You will come into Saskatchewan 3 or more times per year, or
  • You will come into Saskatchewan for 5 or more days in a row.

Information you will need:

  • Complete legal name of your business or, if you are registering under a partnership or proprietorship, the legal names of the partners.
  • Physical address, mailing address and contact information.
  • Federal business number.
  • The start date of operations and start date of your first worker.
  • An estimate of your payroll for workers and directors who report employment income on a Canada Revenue Agency T4 income tax slip.
  • A list of contractors you have paid in the previous three years for work done in Saskatchewan, including the type of work and contract amounts.

Independent workers are people who do not hire other workers. They are considered a worker of the principal, unless they are eligible for, and have purchased, personal coverage.  To be eligible, they must demonstrate they are working for multiple companies.  For more information, see our Independent Worker Policy.

For more information regarding registration, contact us.

It is against the law to avoid registering with us. If you don’t register, you could be:

  • Fined, even if a worker is not injured.
  • Required to pay the total compensation costs of a worker’s injury, and
  • Required to pay three years in retroactive insurance premiums, even if a worker is not injured.