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An assessment team should check your condition if recovery is delayed or there is risk of chronic disability. Learn when a medical team assessment may be necessary and find information on advanced treatment.

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An assessment team should check your condition if recovery is delayed or there is risk of chronic disability. The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board’s (WCB’s) health-care services department considers requests from your care provider, you, your employer or your customer care facilitator and makes arrangements for a medical team assessment.

Assessment teams include a physician, at least two other medical professionals and, if needed, a specialist or psychologist.

Team members examine you to:

  • Determine your physical and psychosocial condition.
  • Confirm a diagnosis or request additional testing, if needed.
  • Recommend a return to primary care, a move to advanced treatment and/or return to work.

Your primary practitioner will:

  • Decide which, if any, of the assessment team’s recommendations to implement.
  • Communicate any decisions about further treatment and/or return-to-work restrictions to the WCB and to your employer, through you.

Advanced treatment

If the assessment team recommends advanced treatment and the primary practitioner agrees, the WCB arranges for you to attend advanced treatment.

Advanced treatment is provided at various rehabilitation centres in Saskatchewan. Normally, you require treatment five days a week to gradually increase your abilities gradually.

If advanced treatment is available locally, you may be able to return to work with the same employer on a part-time basis during recovery.

If treatment is only available in another community, contact the WCB to confirm if the WCB covers expenses to attend this treatment.

A number of medical disciplines may be involved to help you improve physical function or adjust to permanent restrictions. You may also need help dealing with chronic pain, fear of re-injury or other issues that may arise because of your injury.

Read more about medical treatment and expenses assistance the WCB may provide.


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