Our recruitment process

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Read an overview of our recruitment process.

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Here is what you can expect at each step of our recruitment process:

  1. Position is posted. All job postings are on our careers page. You may also see them on job boards and on websites of professional associations, universities and colleges.
  2. Posting closes. Applications are accepted until the closing date on the posting.
  3. Applications are reviewed to determine a short list. We assess, review and screen applications. We only contact those applicants on the short list.
  4. Interviews are conducted. Candidates are selected for a competency-based interview consisting of behavioural and technical questions. Instead of asking how you would handle a hypothetical situation, we ask you to describe past and present behaviour. Competency-based interviews require you to share specifics, not generalizations, to show what you actually did or how you performed. Your answers determine whether you have the knowledge, experience and technical and behavioural competencies to successfully perform the job.
  5. Successful candidate is selected and references are contacted. We conduct reference checks on the successful candidate.
  6. Employment offer is presented. The successful candidate receives an offer. The other candidates are notified.