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Before you go for medical appointments or treatment, make sure you talk about travel expenses with your WCB case manager before leaving your home community or leaving the province. Find out when the WCB may repay you for travel expenses and what travel support rates may include.

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Before leaving your home community or leaving the province to attend medical appointments or treatment, make sure you talk about travel expenses with your Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) case manager. Your case manager will let you know what reimbursement you might be eligible for.

The WCB will repay you for travel expenses if you have to go to another community for treatment.

The WCB may allow reimbursement for actual or reasonable additional expenses that you incur in going to the nearest facility. However, if you reside and work in the same community as the medical or rehabilitation facility, no expenses for travel or sustenance (meals, lodging, childcare) will be paid.

Support is based on the WCB’s travel rates policy and may include reimbursement of:

  • travel expenses to and from a hospital from your home or a family member’s home or lodging
  • lodging
  • meals
  • long-distance phone calls

Reimbursement of travel expenses is based on the rates in effect on the date of travel. Meal expenses for travel are reimbursed at a set cost per meal for each day.

For travel expenses where actual costs are reimbursed (for public transportation, hotels and taxis, for example), copies of original receipts are required for reimbursement.

If you use your personal vehicle, travel coverage will not exceed the rates outlined in the WCB’s Policy and Procedure Manual. If travel outside of the province is required, the most economical means of public transportation will be covered, if appropriate.

View the WCB’s current Policy and Procedure Manual  for travel expense and meal rates.

To fill out the form for reimbursement of travel expenses, download the Worker’s Expense Statement form (W6).

If you’re asked to travel out of town to a WCB office, the WCB may pay you for your time and allowed travel expenses. Your expenses won’t be paid if you visit the WCB without being asked.


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