Operations division

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Learn about the responsibilities of each division in the organization and the general classes, or types, of records the WCB keeps.

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The operations division consists of the customer care facilitator, medical services and health-care services departments.

  • Customer care facilitators receive, investigate and adjudicate claims, and administer payments, pensions and independence allowances. All incoming claims are adjudicated by claims entitlement services, which also administers claims of less than four weeks’ duration. Claims of more than four weeks’ duration are distributed among customer care facilitator teams. Half of those teams are based in the Regina office to serve the southern half of the province; the other half are based in Saskatoon to serve the northern half.
  • Health services provides medical information, evaluation and support services to the board, customer care facilitator teams, vocational services and to the appeals department.
  • Care providers services facilitates access to secondary and tertiary health-care treatment facilities. Facilitators provide support to the treatment facilities for customers.

The operations division keeps the following general classes, or types, of records:

  • Adjudication procedures.
  • Personal information.
  • Information from injured workers, employers and health-care providers.
  • Documents, actions and decisions relating to claims.