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Coverage – SGEU LTD Claimants as Learners
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POL 13/1994

Effective date: June 13, 1994

Application: All SGEU L.T.D. Members in Work Placement as a Rehabilitation Measure and as a Preliminary to Employment

Policy subject: Employer coverage and registration


To provide coverage of S.G.E.U. members on L.T.D. training.


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The Saskatchewan Government Employees’ Union (SGEU) requests that those members of the Union’s Long Term Disability Plan who, as a rehabilitation measure, are placed in work placement assignments as a preliminary to employment be extended the coverage of The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 as learners.


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Coverage is granted under the following conditions:

  1. Each placement must satisfy the definition of "learner". That is, the person becomes subject to the hazards of the industry similar to the hazards an employee in that industry faces for the purpose of undergoing training or probationary work as a preliminary to employment.
  2. It will be S.G.E.U.'s responsibility to negotiate an agreement for each placement with the prospective employer and the Long Term Disability Plan recipient.
  3. No Act coverage may be assumed until the Board has given formal approval. The agreement for each placement negotiated by the SGEU between the prospective employer and the Long Term Disability Plan recipient will include certification from the recipients attending physician that the position being trained for is within their physical or emotional capabilities. Such certification will be forwarded to the Board for approval.
  4. The prospective employer, by taking the role of employer, assumes the responsibilities of and receives the protection of The Workers' Compensation Act, 2013.
  5. If injury occurs during the placement, which interrupts the training, earnings loss benefits will commence when L.T.D. benefits end, subject to the usual waiting period.
  6. Earnings loss benefits are to be calculated on the first step of the pay range of the position being trained for.
  7. Claims submitted for personal injury are to be assessed in the normal fashion with consideration being given to the provisions of Section 49 where indicated.
  8. Recurrences of pre-training conditions not precipitated by something in the training will not be compensated for.
  9. No assessment levy will be required from the employer. However, any costs accruing from an injury attributed to the placement for which the Board accepts responsibility will be a charge to the employer's experience.
  10. This program is subject to cancellation by either party upon 60 days written notice. Cancellation, however, will not affect those individuals already enrolled in the program.

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April 24, 2014. Policy review completed.

January 1, 2014. References updated in accordance with The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 (Bill 58).

January 10, 2000. Amended by ADM 03/2000, Inclusion of Former Procedure in Policy. Internal procedure was revised to public policy.

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