Secondary treatment

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Learn what services are provided at the second level of treatment.

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Secondary treatment programs provide multiple services by an interdisciplinary team of care providers.

At the secondary level of treatment:

  • Functional impairment may be greater than expected.
  • Psychosocial issues may be delaying recovery, but generally are not affecting participation in a treatment program and the worker is reasonably expected to return to full pre-injury job duties.
  • Treatment programs are available regionally, are typically six to eight weeks long and have a functional focus.
  • Discharge from the program is related to the ability to perform pre-injury job duties.
  • Development and support of the worker’s transitional and full return-to-work plans are also part of the treatment program.

If a worker participates in a secondary or tertiary treatment program, please fill out the Notification of Intake for Secondary or Tertiary Treatment Program form (MCARETX).