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Voluntary Relocation Outside Canada
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POL 07/2007

Effective date: June 1, 2007

Application: All customers residing outside Canada.

Policy subject: Benefits - General


To establish guidelines for managing claims where customers voluntarily relocate their residence outside Canada.


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Customer means an injured worker or dependent spouse.


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The Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) ensures customers who voluntarily relocate outside Canada continue to receive the best customer service possible by providing consistent customer care facilitator , efficient and secure payment of benefits, and addressing any administrative issues.


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  1. After acceptance of a claim, WCB will provide the customer with information regarding:
    1. The customer’s obligation to notify WCB if he/she plans to reside outside Canada; and
    2. The effect the move may have on benefit entitlement (e.g., possible suspension or termination of benefits where a worker is receiving active treatment, which is then interrupted or extended by the relocation).
  2. WCB is to conduct an annual review of the customer’s file on the anniversary date of the claim.
  3. Where the customer receives income from any source for which a tax return is filed (whether in Canada and/or the customer’s current country of residence), a copy of the return must be provided to WCB. Where the customer does not file a tax return, he/she will inform WCB of this in writing, including confirmation of earnings.

Payment of Compensation and Other Expenses

  1. Where a customer voluntarily relocates outside Canada following a work injury:
    1. Method of payment will be made through either the issuance of a physical cheque or electronic funds transfer (upon the request of the customer);
    2. In accordance with current banking processes, customers who request electronic funds transfer as their payment option will be required to maintain a bank account domiciled in Canada into which WCB benefits will be electronically deposited;
    3. All payments for earnings loss compensation are to be issued in Canadian funds;
    4. All medical expenses associated with the claim (e.g., caregiver services, appliances, prescription drugs) are to be reimbursed in Canadian funds not exceeding Saskatchewan rates. Where WCB arranges the treatment, actual costs will be paid;
    5. Travel expenses incurred are to be paid as directed in POL 04/2021 or its successor. Expenses should not be considered in excess of what would be reasonable had the customer been required to travel within Saskatchewan to obtain medical care;
    6. Where a worker claims total disablement and he/she moves during active treatment, suspension of benefits will be considered if any disruption in medical or rehabilitation services occurs;
    7. Where a customer relocates outside Canada after resuming work or completing medical treatment/vocational programming and there is a recurrence of the work injury, the new place of residence will be considered the customer’s primary residence for payment of expenses.
    8. Cost of translations necessary for the management of the claim, regardless of whether WCB makes arrangements, will be the responsibility of the customer;
    9. The costs for tuition and books for dependent children are to be paid as if they had remained in Saskatchewan and in accordance with POL 08/2016 or its successor.

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The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013

36, 58(1), 58(2), 101, 103(2)


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01 January 2014. References updated in accordance with The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013

POL 22/95 Voluntary Relocation of a Worker or Dependent Spouse to Residence Outside Canada

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