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Students participating in approved unpaid work experience programs, also referred to as work-integrated learning assignments or practicums in Saskatchewan, may be eligible for coverage.

To be covered, students must be registered in a program funded by:

  • Ministry of Education for K-12 education,
  • Ministry of Advanced Education for post-secondary programs, or
  • Ministry of Immigration and Career Training for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).

Eligible students must also have completed and signed a consent and waiver of liability form.

Paid students (receiving a T4) will be covered as workers through their employers. 

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Employer host organizations:

  • Make sure the student gets the medical attention they need immediately.
  • Immediately report the injury to the post-secondary institution.

Once you are aware of a work-related injury, you must report it to the WCB within five days of the injury occurring by submitting the Employer’s Report of Injury (E1) form.

Students are not covered when they:

  • Participate in work experience programs outside Saskatchewan. Students must contact the WCB in that province to determine coverage requirements. 
  • Are not registered with any of the above ministries who are participating in unpaid work experience programs. 
  • Participate in work experience programs in an industry or occupation that is excluded under the Act unless the employer has applied for voluntary coverage. 
  • Attend take your kids to work or any other job-shadowing or similar program. 
  • Are injured at the learning institution’s premises unless the injury occurs in the course of a learning assignment.

Eligibility for coverage is limited to students registered at post-secondary institutions that receive provincial funding from the Government of Saskatchewan.

General liability insurance may be an option for students who are not eligible for coverage from the WCB.

Out-of-province medical students who are participating in unpaid work experience programs for the Saskatchewan Health Authority may be able to co-ordinate coverage through the Saskatchewan Health Authority Learner Placement Unit.

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To learn more about WCB coverage for students and roles and responsibilities for students, learning institutions and host organizations please visit:

  1. Coverage – Students in Work Experience Programs (POL 06/2022)
  2. Coverage – Students in Work Experience Programs (PRO 06/2022)
  3. Workers' Compensation for Post-Secondary Students | Services for Post-Secondary Educational Institutions | Government of Saskatchewan or
  4. Contact the WCB office toll free at 1.800.667.7590 to speak with a representative.

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