Rights to your worker's medical information

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Learn what rights you do and do not have to parts of a worker’s claim record.

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The Saskatchewan's Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) is separate from the provincial government and follows The Workers' Compensation Act, 2013 (the Act). The WCB manages the compensation system for workers and employers. The WCB also collects premiums from employers to pay for earnings loss, medical care, pensions and rehabilitation for workers injured on the job.

All employer and worker information is confidential. The WCB is unable to share some types of personal information, such as a worker’s medical history. The WCB works to disclose as much information to employers as possible without violating the privacy of the workers.

Under the Act, a worker, their representatives, or in the case of a death, their dependant(s), can get a copy of the claim record by making a request.

Employers only have the right to the parts of the claim record that were used to make a decision that the employer does not agree with. The worker has to approve the release of this information to the employer.

You may be able to get information that is held by the WCB and is of a general nature (not claim file information) through The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. However, each application is considered on its own. Visit www.saskatchewan.ca for more information on the FOIP Act.


File the Employer’s Request for Information (EROI) form or the Employer’s Representative’s Request for Information (ERO2) form. To fill out the EROI2 form, you will need to file an Authorization Letter of Representation (EREP) form.

For more information on your worker’s injury claim, call us at 1.800.667.7590 or email employerservices@wcbsask.com. For general inquiries, call us at 1.833.961.0042 or email erc@wcbsask.com.


To get copies of the information in your file, you or your representative must file the Request for Copy of File (WROI) form. To appoint someone to represent you, send us an Authorization Letter of Representation (WREP) form to us. The form gives us permission to discuss your confidential information with that person.

For more information on your injury claim, call us at 1.800.667.7590 or email claims@wcbsask.com.


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