Premium rates and how they're set

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Learn about the premium rates you pay to the WCB, how premium rates are determined each year and the current year’s premium rates and industry statistics.

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What are premiums?

Premiums are the funds needed to cover the cost of WCB benefits and services that are collected from registered employers. Employers’ premiums go into an injury fund, which goes toward:

  • Providing earnings loss benefits to workers injured on the job who are unable to work as a result of their injury;
  • Providing medical aid and rehabilitation to workers injured on the job; and
  • The general administration of the WCB, which includes costs to run the compensation system, adjudicating claims and developing prevention and safety initiatives.

How are premium rates set?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system based on collective liability, where all employers share liability for workplace injury insurance. Employers are grouped together to form an industry rate code. Premium rates are set for each rate code based on the collective claims experience of employers within each industry rate code. All employers within an industry rate code start with the same industry premium rate. 

Premium rates are determined using two key components: claims costs and payroll.

Claims costs are affected by an employer’s injury rate and duration. The costs associated with workplace injuries that have occurred in the past help us project what future claims costs will be.

Payroll is the second component that factors into the determination of premium rate calculation. Payroll is collected for all workers in all industries subject to coverage under The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 up to the maximum assessable amount per worker.

The rate setting process ensures today’s employers pay for the costs related to today’s claims. Premiums collected in a rate year cover the lifetime costs associated with the claims that happen in that year.

Premium Rates and How They're Set
  • An actuarial rate model is used to determine annual industry premium rates
  • The model projects expected claims costs for upcoming year
  • Industry premium rate = costs/payroll

2024 premium rates



Rate code


A11 Light Agricultural Operations 2.26
A21 Farming and Ranching 1.55
A31 Grain Elevators and Inland Terminals 0.68
B11 Construction Trades 1.82
B12 Residential Construction 2.70
B13 Commercial, Industrial Construction 1.98
C12 Light Commodity Marketing 0.65
C32 Grocery, Department Store, Hardware 1.05
C33 Wholesale, Chain Stores 1.69
C41 Co-operative Associations 1.11
C51 Lumber Yards, Builders Supplies 1.84
C61 Automotive and Implement Sales and Service 1.14
C62 Automotive Service Shops, Towing 1.56
D32 Operation of Oilwells 0.42
D41 Oilwell Servicing 1.41
D51 Service Rigs and Water Well Drilling 1.64
D52 Seismic Drilling 1.69
D71 Open Pit Mining 1.07
D72 Underground Softrock Mining 0.67
D73 Underground Hardrock Mining 0.74
G11 Post-Secondary Education 0.34
G12 Elementary and Secondary Education 1.20
G22 Health Authority, Hospitals and Care Homes 1.90
G31 Cities, Towns, Villages and Rural Municipalities 1.66
G51 Government of Saskatchewan and Ministries 1.24
M31 Manufacturing, Pipeline Operations 0.45
M33 Refineries and Upgrader 0.67
M41 Dairy Products, Soft Drinks 1.81
M42 Bakeries, Food Preparation and Packaging 1.16
M62 Mills, Semi Medium Manufacturing 1.85
M72 Processing Meat, Poultry and Fish 1.87
M81 Metal Foundries and Mills 2.30
M91 Agricultural Equipment 1.29
M92 Machine Shops, Manufacturing 1.65
M94 Iron and Steel Fabrication 1.51
R11 Road Construction and Earthwork 1.84
S11 Legal Offices, Financial, Drafting 0.19
S12 Offices, Professionals 0.32
S14 Unions (Premium assessed on per delegate basis) 6.00
S21 Community and Social Services 1.39
S22 Restaurants, Catering, Dry Cleaning 0.89
S23 Hotels, Motels, Taxis 1.60
S32 Personal, Business and Leisure Services 1.12
S33 Caretaking, Park Authorities 1.26
S41 Engineering, Testing and Surveying 0.38
T42 Transportation, Courier, Commercial Bus 2.99
T51 Operation of Railways 1.30
T61 Commercial Air Transportation 0.81
U11 Telecommunications 0.58
U31 Electric Systems 0.55


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