WCB event addresses cannabis, mental health and workplace violence

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Regina, SK – Today’s workplaces are changing and becoming more diverse. With these changes comes new health and safety issues and the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is working to assist on what workers and employers need to know. The WCB’s 21st annual Compensation Institute starts today at Queensbury Centre in Regina. More than 440 people will attend over the course of two days.

The event features several world class guest speakers who will address current workplace health and safety issues, including cannabis, mental health and violence in the workplace. Topics are determined by attendee feedback. The conference will also provide information on WCB claims management, prevention and employer services.

“Today’s workplaces are facing new challenges and workers and employers are working to adjust to those challenges,” said Peter Federko, CEO of the WCB. “That’s why it’s so important to address topics that are relevant to today’s workplaces. We organize Compensation Institute based on feedback on topics that are critical to workers and employers and where they are looking for support. We’re bringing in top-notch speakers to discuss these issues. We’re also providing employers with resources on how they can adjust to the changing workforce.”

Today’s featured presentations include:

  • Is your workplace prepared for legalized marijuana? 
  • Learn new principles in safety management 
  • How happiness can create a positive safety culture 
  • How to generate energy and drive safe behaviours in the workplace 
  • Addressing the unsafe mind, change your thoughts, change your life 

Compensation Institute is open to the media.

Founded in 1997, the purpose of Compensation Institute, which is a free, interactive learning conference, is to provide a dialogue of learning and education between workers, employers, safety associations and the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). It delivers hands-on information while supporting injury prevention and return to work. The Saskatchewan WCB is the only WCB in Canada that holds a free event like this.

The Workers’ Compensation Board is a provincial statutory agency governed by a Board of Directors and funded by employers. Saskatchewan’s workers’ compensation system was adopted in 1930. At that time, the Workmen’s Compensation Act made into law what is known as the historic compromise: employers became collectively liable for workers’ compensation costs and, in return, workers waived their right to sue for work injury. 

Mission: Zero is an initiative to eliminate workplace injuries in Saskatchewan. Launched at the WCB’s 2008 Annual General Meeting, the Mission: Zero campaign and programs drive home the impacts of work injuries and the importance of workplace safety and injury prevention. The intent behind Mission: Zero is to bring about faster and deeper reductions to the provincial workplace injury rate.

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