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Learn what coverage you need if you send your Saskatchewan workers to other provinces to work and what coverage you need if you’re an employer from another province or country with workers doing work in Saskatchewan.

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Saskatchewan WCB insurance coverage generally applies when you send your Saskatchewan workers to other provinces to work. However, you must contact the WCB employer services departments in those provinces to find out if you need to register with them.

If a worker is injured at work and you have WCB coverage, generally you should submit claims to the WCB in the province where the worker was injured.

If you have both a Saskatchewan and an out-of-province base of operations, we will extend coverage to your workers when they are working as part of your Saskatchewan operations only.

However, if an injury occurred outside Saskatchewan and you have Saskatchewan WCB coverage, you can submit a claim to the Saskatchewan WCB if:

  • Your place of business is established in Saskatchewan.
  • The worker is a permanent resident of Saskatchewan.
  • The worker usually works in Saskatchewan, worked the greatest percentage of duties in Saskatchewan prior to leaving the province, was hired in Saskatchewan and was paid by a Saskatchewan employer’s office.

If you are not required to register with the WCB and do not have voluntary coverage, the Saskatchewan principal (a person or business that hires a contractor to do work or services) may be liable for any legal action taken by an out-of-province worker in the event of a work injury, unless:

  • The Saskatchewan principal becomes responsible for the premiums payable to the WCB.
  • You elect voluntary coverage with us for the work to be done in Saskatchewan.

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