Proof of necessities, etc.

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Read excerpts from the WCB’s governing legislation on compensation on proof of necessities for a worker who has died as a result of a workplace injury.

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Compensation to dependants

Proof of necessities, etc.

88 (1) The board may require any evidence of the necessities, condition and existence of any dependants in receipt of compensation that the board considers necessary.

(2) The board may withhold any compensation payments until it receives the evidence required pursuant to subsection (1).


Other relevant sections from The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013:

Compensation to dependants

Compensation and expenses payable on death of worker – Section 80

Surviving dependent spouse – Section 81

If dependants do not live together – Section 82

Certain dependent children 18 to 25 years – Section 83

Adopting parent, etc., of dependent children – Section 84

If there are only dependent children – Section 85

Other dependants – Section 86

Partial dependency – Section 87



Compensation reduced by certain benefits under Canada Pension Plan – Section 95

Other benefits to be taken into account – Section 96

If worker or dependant under legal disability – Section 97

Board may fix periods of payment – Section 98

Suspension of payment – Section 99


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