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Educational Allowances for Dependent Children
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PRO 08/2016

Effective date: June 1, 2016

Application: All dependent children over age 18 on and after the effective date.

Policy subject: Fatalities - Dependants


To establish guidelines for educational allowances for dependent children.


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The Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has approved POL 08/2016, Educational Allowances for Dependent Children. The following procedure provides guidance for the implementation of POL 08/2016.


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  1. The Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist is responsible for administering educational allowances, and providing educational sponsorship to dependent children.
  2. Where the dependent child is at least 18 years of age and is in full-time attendance at a secondary or post-secondary institution, the WCB will provide the dependent child with a monthly allowance in an amount equal to that noted in Section 83 (4) of The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 (the “Act”).
  3. The Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist will obtain periodic attendance reports from the institution to confirm the child’s attendance. Where attendance reports are not available, the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist may speak with school officials.
  4. Subject to Section 83(3) of the Act, monthly educational allowance is payable for a maximum of 36 cumulative months. Monthly allowance is only payable when the dependent child is in full-time attendance at the institution. Allowance is not payable for extended absences (e.g., summer months). Periods where the dependent child is not in receipt of monthly allowance will not be considered as part of the 36 cumulative month maximum in which educational allowance is payable.
  5. To maximize the benefit of educational allowance, a dependent child may delay receipt of the allowance. The Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist will act as a counselling resource in order to assist the child in this determination.
  6. Where receipt of the allowance is delayed, and the 36 cumulative months of sponsorship are not subsequently utilized, the dependent child may receive payment for the period where the allowance was delayed.
  7. The WCB will provide sponsorship payments on behalf of dependent children to post-secondary institutions. Where the dependent child pays for tuition, required books, and other required fees, the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist will obtain receipts and reimburse the child.
  8. The following are not considered to be other required fees, and therefore are not to be reimbursed by the WCB:
    1. Purchase, lease or rental of machines, equipment, or vehicles;
    2. Uniforms;
    3. Residence;
    4. Club memberships; or
    5. Intramural activities.
  9. Requests for additional funding under Section 83(6) of the Act will be determined by the Board Members.
  10. Where monthly educational allowance expires in accordance with Section 83(3) of the Act during a school semester or term in which the dependent child is attending, the WCB will continue sponsorship for tuition, required books, and other required fees, until the end of that semester or term.
  11. In accordance with Section 83(2) of the Act, educational allowance is to be discontinued when the dependent child reaches the age of 25. However, if the dependent child is attending school full-time when they attain age 25, educational allowance will be extended, subject to Point 3 above, until the last month of the school semester or term.
  12. Where educational allowance is to end, the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist will provide the dependent child with advance notice.

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PRO 19/96 Dependent Children Attending School

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