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The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) works to encourage open and transparent communication with all our customers and partners. The WCB is accountable to customers in several ways, including by hosting a number of public events. The WCB’s events provide an opportunity for customers to meet with key decision makers.

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Each year, the WCB hosts its annual general meeting. The board and executive members report on policy decisions, financial operations and provide updates on new and continuing initiatives.

Compensation Institute is unique in Canada and is held each spring. The free, annual two-day event is open to the public. The conference provides tools and tips on how to prevent and manage workplace injuries. It also provides information on claims management and employer services at the WCB.

Each fall, we communicate our preliminary rate information for the coming year. Employer groups and associations are invited to discuss our preliminary premium rates for the next year.

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Oct 28 2020

multi tile advertisement for information meeting

2020 rate setting session (2021 rates)

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Oct 23 2019

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2019 rate setting session (2020 rates)

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Oct 16 2018

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2018 rate setting session (2019 rates)

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Oct 17 2017

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2017 rate setting session (2018 rates)

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Oct 18 2016

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2016 rate setting session (2017 rates)

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