Medical treatment and expenses

The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) pays for medical treatment, hospital care, prescription drugs and medical supplies related to accepted injuries that happened on the job. Saskatchewan Health does not cover these costs for work injury claims.

Workers can submit medical treatment expenses and attach receipts with the online Worker's Medical Expense Statement (WME) form. View the how to submit worker expenses online guide or learn more about the ease of the WCB’s secure online services.

WCB accredited psychologists have agreed that the WCB may publish their contact information so workers and employers can reach out to them about treatment for mental health issues arising from a work injury.

Frequently asked questions

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A: You can go to any physician, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, psychologist, physical therapist or any other care provider who’s registered or licensed in Saskatchewan during your initial visit. However, once your claim is accepted you are required to go to health-care providers approved by the WCB.

A: No. Tell your care provider that your injury happened at work. They’ll bill the WCB directly.

The WCB will pay all medical and hospital costs for your injury, including artificial limbs, braces and orthopedic and prosthetic aids. If your care provider has questions about WCB coverage, they should contact the WCB.

A: Keep your receipts when you buy prescription drugs and medical supplies to treat your work injury. To be repaid for these expenses, send copies of original receipts and your claim number to the WCB.

Keep your original receipts for one year from the submission date, as the WCB may request them for audit purposes. 

Submit your medical expenses and receipts online through a full WCB online account. You can also download a Worker's Medical Expense Statement (WME) form and submit your form and receipts by fax (1.888.844.7773) or email them to

Please ensure your claim number is identified on the receipts. 

If you want to have bills for prescriptions and medical supplies sent directly to the WCB, you must get the WCB’s permission first. 

A: There are circumstances under which the WCB may pay for replacement or repair of dentures, eyeglasses, artificial eyes or artificial limbs that were broken when you were injured and/or during an incident that occurred in the course of employment. The WCB might also give you an allowance for clothes worn or damaged by an artificial limb or other aids supplied by the WCB because of your injury.

To find out more, contact the WCB’s case management department at 1.800.667.7590.

A: Before you leave the province or your home community for treatment, make sure you talk about travel expenses with your WCB customer care facilitator. The WCB will repay you for travel expenses if you have to go to another community for treatment

A: Moving out of the province or the country can affect your benefits and your medical treatment or rehabilitation. Before moving, contact your WCB representative for details on how it could affect your claim.

A: If you are required to attend an appointment in relation to your WCB claim, such as a medical examination or an appeal hearing, and if that appointment requires you to miss work, the WCB can reimburse you or your personal attendant for the time lost.

A: If you are injured at work and need dental work as a result of your injury, the WCB can pay for dental expenses. You can see any dentist who’s registered or licensed in Saskatchewan.

A: Massage may be covered by WCB benefits if it is related to your work injury. The WCB limits the number of massage therapy treatments to five sessions per claim. If your recovery does not progress, your primary care provider can request advanced assessment and treatment or expedited appointments, if required.

Return to work should generally be part of your treatment plan. Learn more about your recovery and return to work.

A: When your treatment provider recommends physiotherapy, you can set up a physiotherapy appointment with a physical therapist accredited by the WCB.

Claim referral package

Claim referral package

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