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If you have an abnormal change in your features as a result of a work injury, you may qualify for disfigurement benefits. Learn the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board’s (WCB’s) definition of “disfigurement” and what you should submit to the WCB.

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If you have an abnormal change in your features as a result of a work injury, you may qualify for disfigurement benefits.

The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB)’s Policy and Procedure Manual defines “disfigurement” as a “conspicuous alteration or abnormal change in the features of the face, neck, hands, torso and/or upper and lower extremities and/or substantial and permanent scarring of these areas. Disfigurement is related to the cosmetic appearance of the body and not the loss of bodily function.”

If you have scarring from surgical intervention or work-related injuries such as lacerations, you may not qualify for a permanent functional impairment (PFI) award unless the scarring is on the front of your neck or face. If you have frontal neck or facial scarring, you should submit digital colour photographs to the WCB.

You should also submit digital colour photographs if, as the result of a work-related injury, you have:

  • extensive scarring from a burn, pigment change or permanent rash
  • a surgical skin graft (photographs should be taken of the graft and donor site)
  • severe skin deformity on any part of your body, as such disfigurements may be acceptable for a PFI award

Scarring that is caused by an amputation will not qualify for a separate cosmetic PFI award because the PFI rating for amputations already includes a cosmetic factor.

When digital colour photographs are required, you need to take the photographs and provide them to your customer care facilitator two years from the date of injury or your most current surgery. It is recommended that the photographs be provided through one of these methods:

  • email photo attachment
  • compact disc
  • portable flash drive
  • other electronic method

Colour photographs on photographic paper may be acceptable in some situations. The WCB will reimburse all reasonable costs associated with providing photographs.

Your customer care facilitator will attach digital colour photographs to your claim file. Once the photographs are attached, the customer care facilitator will send a referral to the medical officer, who will complete a PFI rating.

If your disfigurement involves body parts of a sensitive nature, your customer care facilitator will contact the medical officer to determine if digital colour photographs of the disfigurement are required. Sensitive photographs will be delivered directly and securely to the medical officer.

If you have a significant disfigurement or a life-threatening injury, the WCB may provide support to your family.


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