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The following administrative policies were updated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

The following policy and procedures were recently revised or introduced. All references to the “Act” are to The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013.


Travel Expenses – General (POL & PRO 04/2021)

The Act authorizes the WCB to take any necessary measures to assist injured workers with their recovery and return to work. To support WCB’s vision of restoring injured workers’ abilities, the previous guidelines of limiting reimbursement of mileage costs to what exceeds the worker’s normal work expense has been discontinued. For travel expenses incurred on and after May 1, 2021, total mileage costs will be covered when the injured worker is required to travel outside their home community to attend WCB-directed medical treatment, vocational programs or other appointments or hearings.


Travel Expense Rates (PRO 01/2019)

This procedure establishes the current rates at which workers and WCB staff are to be reimbursed for travel and sustenance expenses. Rates are included in an appendix attached to the procedure, which has been updated to note current mileage rates, effective May 1, 2021.


Exercise Therapists (PRO 05/2021)
Exercise therapy is considered a component of physical therapy and/or chiropractic services. The WCB and the Saskatchewan Kinesiology and Exercise Science Association (SKESA) have updated their relationship agreement regarding exercise therapy services for injured workers, effective May 1, 2021. 


Governance Policy (POL 06/2021)
Board members at the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) are responsible for the stewardship of the WCB, and to oversee the WCB's adherence to provisions of The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013. The board believes that a strong governance framework is necessary to ensure that it fulfils its responsibilities to workers and employers in the most effective manner. To ensure alignment with the needs of the WCB and governance best practices, the Governance Policy has been updated to establish the Transformation Oversight Committee, which will provide governance over the Business Transformation Program.


Arising Out Of and In the Course of Employment (POL and PRO 07/2021)

POL and PRO 07/2021, Arising Out Of and In the Course of Employment have been approved to replace POL and PRO 03/2017 and are effective July 1, 2021.

Direction has been added for situations involving:

  • Teleworking.
  • Recreational activities.
  • Employer sanctioned activities or events.
  • Delayed onset or non-specific incidents.

The procedure now includes questions that WCB will consider when determining if an injury arose out of and in the course of employment.

This policy and procedure also supersedes POL and PRO 29/82, Injuries – Recreational Activities in Remote Camps.


Communicable Diseases – Adverse Reaction to Immunization (PRO 08/2021)

POL and PRO 02/201, Injuries – Communicable Diseases, establish guidelines for adjudicating communicable disease injury claims. In accordance with this policy, if immunization is required by the employer for the prevention of a communicable disease, and as a result of an adverse reaction (e.g., allergic) to this compulsory immunization the worker is medically required to be absent from employment, the WCB will consider the reaction and its consequences to be a work-related injury and is compensable. A new procedure, PRO 08/2021, has been approved to provide supplementary adjudicative advice when considering injury claims for adverse reactions to a vaccination for a communicable disease.

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