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Travel Expense Rates (POL & PRO 05/2023)
Policy review clarified when WCB does not consider additional expenses incurred for travel outside the home community.

Calculation of Probable Compensation (PRO 06/2023)
The Act directs the WCB to establish a table of earnings and probable compensation. The WCB will publish revised tables when there are any legislated changes to income tax deductions, either federally or provincially, or CPP or EI premiums.

Interest on Benefits Accruing from Successful Claim Appeals (POL & PRO 03/2023)

This policy and procedure establish guidelines for issuing interest on successful appeals. The documents have been updated to reflect current WCB process for issuing interest payments within the claims management system. It has also been clarified that the appeal timeline process is dependent upon when an appeal is submitted to the WCB, except in situations where there is missing or insufficient information provided to the WCB.

Medical Review Panels (POL & PRO 02/2023)

Claimants who have an accepted WCB claim or their dependants, who have exhausted their rights to appeal, and have a valid medical question with which they disagree may request a Medical Review Panel (MRP). This updated policy and procedure clarifies the guidelines for the MRP, outlining the requirements for workers or dependants, and healthcare providers, who are either completing an Enabling Certificate or participating in an MRP.

Injuries – Hearing Loss (POL & PRO 01/2023)

This policy and procedure provide guidelines for the adjudication of traumatic and occupational noise induced hearing loss claims, as well as Permanent Functional Impairment (PFI) awards. These documents have been updated to include guidelines on asymmetrical hearing loss and clarification on which audiograms will be considered for adjudicating claims and determining the PFI rating.

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