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Learn how employers are grouped into a rate code, the online classification index, the current year’s premium rates and how to change your classification.

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Employers in Saskatchewan are grouped by industry. Their industry is the work, trade or service a business is in. The classification structure consists of three levels: classes, industry groups, and rate codes. Premium rates are set at the rate code level. For example, if your primary business activity is operating a charter bus service, you would be part of the Transportation class, in industry group T4, which is part of rate code T42 – Transportation, Courier, Commercial Bus rate. The classification structure has 10 classes, 33 industry groups and 50 rate codes.

For example:

Industry Classification Chart

Under the collective liability Meredith Principle, employers classified in the same rate code pay the same industry premium rate to cover the cost of insurance in their rate code. Collective liability means the money is pooled in the insurance fund and all claim costs are paid out of the pool. This means all employers share the total cost of the compensation system.


To change your classification if the nature of your business has changed, is misclassified, or has added operations in an additional industry, please fill out the Classification Change form.


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