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Industry Code Description Rate code Premium rate
A1101 Artificial insemination A11 2.39
A1102 Poultry farming (voluntary), poultry collection and loading. A11 2.39
A1103 Nurseries, tree or shrub A11 2.39
A1106 Commercial fishing (voluntary) A11 2.39
A1107 Trapping (voluntary) A11 2.39
A1108 Fur farming (voluntary) A11 2.39
A1109 Wild rice growing (voluntary) A11 2.39
A1110 Fish hatcheries (voluntary) A11 2.39
A1111 Mushroom farming and Cannabis growing operations A11 2.39
A1112 Market gardening A11 2.39
A1114 Piggery (voluntary) A11 2.39
A1115 Honey processing and apiaries A11 2.39
A1116 Operation of feedlots, other livestock yards (voluntary) A11 2.39
A1117 Operation of stockyards with railway entry A11 2.39
A1118 Auctioneering of livestock and/or machinery A11 2.39
A1119 Garden tilling, lawn maintenance, horticultural A11 2.39
A1120 Riding academies, stables A11 2.39
A1122 Tree Planting A11 2.39
A2101 Grain or mixed farming (voluntary) A21 1.68
A2102 Ranching, dairy farming (voluntary) A21 1.68
A2103 Grazing co-operatives (voluntary) A21 1.68
A2104 Custom harvesting (voluntary), sod farming, other farming not voluntary. A21 1.68
A2106 Fertilizer and chemical application. A21 1.68
A2107 Vegetation control, mosquito and tree spraying A21 1.68
A3101 Operation of grain elevators, inland terminals and grain handlers A31 0.64