A2102 - Ranching, dairy farming (voluntary)

Industry code: A2102
Premium rate: 1.55

Classification Facts

Class: A - Agriculture
Rate Code: A21 - Farming and Ranching


Operational Details
Breeding stock is often an integral component of this industry. Bloodlines are developed, maintained, and improved upon by introducing new stock to the herds. Shipping of livestock is a supportive activity. Some incidental butchering is done for the ranchers own use.

The growing and harvesting of grain and hay for feed is integral to a dairy operation. It requires the seeding and harvesting of forage crops. Backhoes, front end loaders, manure spreaders etc. are used in assisting the rancher in cleaning of corrals and spreading of manure. Growing green feed is also integral and often the rancher or dairy owner must purchase feed for his livestock.

Dairy farming includes the systematic milking of the cattle or livestock, usually with milking machines and sterilizing and cleaning stainless steel holding tanks. The milk is usually sold commercially through a milk quota. The building and maintaining of outbuildings such as barns, granaries, corrals and fencing are more labour intensive activities and are considered incidental to the overall operations.

SIC Codes
​000000030 - Ranching/cattle farming (voluntary)
000000031 - Dairy farming (voluntary)

Previous Codes

NAICS 2007
Code: 11211 - Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming, including Feedlots
11212 - Dairy Cattle and Milk Production