Resolution process

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Learn about the process of resolving issues, first with the WCB staff member responsible and then, if you still have questions, by contacting the FPO.

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Fair Practices Office


The worker’s compensation system can be a complex system and there may be times when you will have questions or concerns. Good communication with the WCB staff involved with your claim or account is key in understanding how and why a decision was made and in addressing any concerns. Before calling the FPO, we would encourage you to first:

  • Speak with the WCB staff member most directly responsible.
  • If your matter is still unresolved, speak with their manager.

Raising concerns as soon as possible and directly with WCB staff will help ensure matters can be quickly and easily resolved.

If you still have questions or think you have been treated unfairly, you can contact the FPO by phone, mail or email.

When you contact the FPO, you will first speak to our intake and inquiry officer, who will listen to your concern(s), review your claim file and answer your questions about WCB processes and policies. With your consent, the officer may raise your concerns internally with WCB staff and will work with you and WCB staff to resolve the concern. The vast majority of calls to the FPO are resolved at the intake level.

If the inquiry is more complex or the issues cannot be resolved at the intake level, the inquiry may be referred to the fair practices officer. The fair practices officer will review the concerns raised and if there is an issue of fairness, they may raise the issue(s) with the appropriate WCB manager to gain their perspective and discuss options for resolution. The fair practices officer can provide the manager with their recommendations for resolution. The recommendations of the officer are not binding. If the issue(s) remains unresolved, the FPO can raise the issue(s) with executive management and, if unable to find resolution at that level, can raise the issue(s) with the board of directors. Raising issue(s) beyond WCB management, however, is usually not necessary because the majority of matters are resolved with WCB staff and managers.