Coverage for out-of-province employers operating in Saskatchewan

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If you are an out-of-province employer operating a business in Saskatchewan, learn what conditions require you to register with the Saskatchewan WCB and coverage options.

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Out-of-province employers who are awarded a contract for work in a mandatory Saskatchewan industry may be subject to The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 (the Act).


You are required to register with the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board if you:

  • Have established a place of business in Saskatchewan.
  • Employ Saskatchewan-resident workers.

Even when neither of these conditions apply, you will still be required to register if your workers come into the province:

  • Three or more times per year.
  • Five or more consecutive days per year.

If you have both a Saskatchewan and an out-of-province base of operations, we will extend coverage to your workers when they are working as part of your Saskatchewan operations only.

You need to register with us within 30 days and provide the gross earnings of all the workers working for your Saskatchewan operation; premiums are set on this amount. If you do not pay your premiums, the Saskatchewan principal will be liable to pay the premium on the labour portion of the contract.

Voluntary coverage

If your business does not meet the criteria mentioned above, registration is not required and your workers will not be considered workers under the Act.

If you are not required to register, the Saskatchewan principal may be liable for any legal action taken by an out-of-province worker in the event of a work injury, unless:

  • The Saskatchewan principal becomes responsible for the premiums payable to us.
  • You purchase voluntary coverage with us for the work to be done in Saskatchewan.

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