Human resources and communications division

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Learn about the responsibilities of each division in the organization and the general classes, or types, of records the WCB keeps.

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The human resources and communications division provides support to all employees of the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and works closely with customer care facilitator teams to provide consistent service to workers, employers and caregivers.

  • Human resources co-ordinates recruitment as well as training and development of WCB staff.
  • Communications is responsible for providing communications support to staff and external stakeholders. It also handles media relations and event management.
  • Service excellence is an internally focused department that works across the organization to establish service standards and expectations for all positions, as well as enhancing the WCB’s culture of service. The department also conducts independent claim file reviews to ensure quality outcomes and provides technical training with respect to the claims management process.

The human resources and communications division keeps the following general classes, or types, of records:

  • Adjudication procedures.
  • Personal information.
  • Information from workers, employers and health-care providers.
  • Documents, actions and decisions relating to claims.