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Access WCB statistics from current and previous years and learn how to request statistical information from the WCB and statistics from other jurisdictions.

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WCB data available on workplace injuries contains information such as injury rates, average cost per claim and average duration per claim, all broken down by:

  • claim type
  • age
  • gender
  • cause of injury
  • industry
  • occupation
  • part of body


Statistics on appeals are included in our Annual Report and Report to Stakeholders.

Requests for statistical information

When requesting information, please be specific (example: the number of back injuries from 2014 to 2016) and state the purpose of your request.

Request information from

For information related to your employer account, please contact

Frequently asked questions

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A: All forms and fact sheets are listed on pages on this site under resources for workers, resources for employers and resources for care providers.

A: If you are looking for WCB publications, such as the current or previous annual reports, you can find those publications here.

A: All audio and web recordings of WCB events, including webinars, are available here.


Contact information

Submit a request for statistical information.

For specific inquiries

If you are:

  • ready to register your business
  • requesting a clearance or a letter of good standing
  • revising or updating your payroll
  • discussing your statement of account and/or making a payment

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