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Return to Work (RTW) Plans
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POL 08/1996

Effective date: April 1, 1996

Application: All claimants.

Policy subject: Return to work and vocational rehabilitation


To establish guidelines for return-to-work plans.


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Return-to-Work, in this context, means suitable work within the medical limitations of an injured worker who has not yet fully recovered from his injuries, is not yet able to return to his original job, but who is capable of some form of employment.


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  1. The Board will encourage and endorse properly established work plans that are set up for rehabilitative purposes to assist injured workers to return to full employment bearing in mind the work limitations caused by injuries.
  2. Where a collective agreement exists, the WCB expects the parties to establish appropriate procedures to accommodate Return-to-Work plans.
  3. In dealing with the issue of rehabilitative return to suitable employment, the following policy will be used:
    1. All of the facts relating to the nature of the work being offered will be considered, and the WCB must be satisfied that the job description is accurate.
    2. WCB will confirm that the health care provider has all the necessary information to provide an informed opinion on the physical ability of the injured worker to perform the work.
    3. The limitations applied to a worker will be made known to all affected parties.
    4. Any change in limitations applied to a worker under this program must be approved by the health care provider.
    5. Where a worker disagrees with a return to suitable work, the reasonableness of that disagreement will be investigated and a determination made whether to continue, suspend, or terminate benefits by WCB.

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POL 01/84 Employer Initiated Short Term Suitable Job Opportunities for Injured Workers

01 January 2014. References updated in accordance with The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013.

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