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If your injury is of a serious nature, or if you recovery requires additional support, you’ll be assigned to a customer care facilitator. The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) uses teams to help workers whose injuries require working with the WCB for more than two weeks. All people who live in a certain area of the province will work with the same case management team. This provides better service because all team members can work together on your recovery. They can also co-ordinate recovery and return-to-work plans with your employer and care provider.

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Your customer care facilitator and supporting staff are located in the WCB’s Regina and Saskatoon offices. Each team consists of:

  • a team leader
  • customer care facilitator
  • case management support staff
  • vocational rehabilitation specialists
  • administrative support and payment specialists

You will work with a Regina team if you are a worker or employer in:

  • the southwest region (SW)
  • the southeast region (SE)
  • the Regina area

You will work with a Saskatoon team if you are a worker or employer in:

  • the northwest region (NW)
  • the northeast region (NE)
  • the Saskatoon area

Once you’ve been assigned to a customer care facilitator, you will be given their name and their contact information. Your customer care facilitator and the rest of the team will work with you and your employer. They’ll help organize medical treatment and implement a return-to-work plan to help you get back to productive work as soon as it’s medically safe. customer care facilitator teams manage medical and vocational services to help workers recover. These services include:

  • Early intervention programs that access medical and vocational services for you.
  • Return-to-work plans in the workplace that help you and your employer as you return to work.
  • Referral to a vocational rehabilitation specialist for a personal care assessment, should you need personal care.

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