A1114 - Piggery (voluntary)

Industry code: A1114
Premium rate: 2.26

Classification Facts

Class: A - Agriculture
Rate Code: A11 - Light Agriculture Operations
Subcode: 14


Operational Details
Pork producers breed stock, raise the swine, and when in a finished state, ship and sell them to a hog packing plant, or to local farmers.

Activities include the shipping and receiving of swine, and piglets, the feeding and care of the stock, the maintaining, repairing and building of hog pens, the removal of waste and spreading the manure in fields. (Some other uses include fuel and/or assisting in being a power source). The hogs or swine are fed on a daily basis and the hog farmer may have a feed chopping facility and growing fields that provide some of the feed for the stock.

Incidentally a hog farmer will butcher for their own use, and may sell some custom feed, or do some incidental feed chopping for their neighbours. However, separate workers and revenues are not a consideration when involved in these activities.

Hog farmers may also incidentally have other livestock such as cows and/or sheep, but their major revenues come from the sale of pork. The hog farmer may also have their own transportation to deliver the hogs to market. They may also incidentally haul their neighbours stock, but never as a primary activity in their operations.

SIC Codes
​000000012 - Piggery (voluntary)

Previous Codes

NAICS 2007
Code: 11221 - Hog and Pig Farming