A1112 - Market gardening

Industry code: A1112
Premium rate: 2.26

Classification Facts

Class: A - Agriculture
Rate Code: A11 - Light Agriculture Operations
Subcode: 12


Operational Details
Employers involved in this business use smaller equipment such as garden tractors and tillers. Often the business will also have their own greenhouse that is used to start their plants. The process involves starting the plants in an enclosed environment
with the proper nutrients and protection. Once ready, they are planted outside in preselected crop growing areas.

The crop is weeded, watered (by irrigation, if needed), and then harvested, usually by hand. This is a labour intensive activity hat requires the use of manual labour at harvest time. Often semi skilled or unskilled labour is involved. Pulling or digging up plants, cleaning, grading and packaging are the more common activities undertaken.

Market garden production is sold on-site, door-to-door, or at farmer’s markets. Larger volumes are sold to food wholesalers and retailers.

SIC Codes
000000011 - Market gardening

Previous Codes

NAICS 2007
Code: 11121 - Vegetable and Melon Farming