A2103 - Grazing co-operatives (voluntary)

Industry code: A2103
Premium rate: 1.55

Classification Facts

Class: A - Agriculture
Rate Code: A21 - Farming and Ranching


Operational Details
Ranchers who have large herds and limited grazing land, or pasture, will enter into an agreement with other ranchers or livestock owners to lease or rent crown land from the government. It is usually not undertaken by one individual because the grazing land available is too large for their use, or it may be on account of there are being other ranchers in the area who would also demand equal treatment. This sets up the need for co-operatives and associations that allows a group to band together with a common purpose to use the land in the most appropriate fashion.

The co-operative may also provide common transportation to haul a number of different owner’s stock either together or separately with other owners herds. It may also include branding, dehorning, feeding and vaccinating stock.

SIC Codes
​000000032 - Grazing co-operative (voluntary)

Previous Codes

NAICS 2007
Code: 11521 - Support Activities for Animal Production