A2107 - Vegetation control, mosquito and tree spraying

Industry code: A2107
Premium rate: 1.55

Classification Facts

Class: A - Agriculture
Rate Code: A21 - Farming and Ranching


Operational Details
Vegetation control includes some hand slashing or chopping down of underbrush along right-of-ways, along road allowances, in ditches, and perimeters of farmers fields.

Mowing is also undertaken as an effective means of vegetation control by harvesting unwanted growth. Trimming may be performed by hand, or by a truck mounted manlift, using hydraulic saws. Trim crews remove that vegetation that has grown over, threatens power lines, or buildings. The unwanted growth is either burned, ground up in chippers or disposed of in land fills.

Spraying may be done by hand or by a truck mounted unit, or in the case of a farmer’s field with a large acreage, an agricultural sprayer may be used.

Equipment used includes trucks with manlifts, gravel boxes for incidental dirt removal and transportation of smaller mobile equipment, flatbed trucks, mowers, weed eaters, pruning saws, cutters, axes, shovels, and larger light mobile equipment such as riding tractors and mowers. Tractors and sprayers may also be transported from site to site by the employers’s vehicles.

Employers in this subcode do not cut the original right-of-ways, cut lines, or construct roads, but will maintain their general appearance.

Activities in this subcode are not done in conjunction with landscaping or general lawn maintenance. Rather, it is a specialized service that is offered to the industrial/commercial/farm communities.

SIC Codes
000000035 - Vegetation control
000000036 - Mosquito/tree spraying

Previous Codes

NAICS 2007
Code: 11511 - Support Activities for Crop Production
56173 - Landscaping Services