B1101 - Plumbing, heating, roto-rooter service, air conditioning, furnace repair and service, sewer and water maintenance

Industry code: B1101
Premium rate: 1.82

Classification Facts

Class: B - Building Construction
Rate Code: B11 - Construction Trades


Operational Details
Repair and maintenance of mechanical systems is undertaken by all the tradecrafts in this subcode. It is common to enter into service contracts with owners and operators of buildings, shopping centres, warehouse complexes, institutional and industrial operations.

Plugged sewer lines outside of buildings or fixed structures are cleaned out by roto rooting, which is the reaming out of the line using a rotary type of mechanical snake (power auger), that is inserted into the line and grinds or tears out the obstructions such as tree roots and paper. Plumbing, (soldered copper pipe and plastic), as opposed to pipe fitting (welded pipe), is a service of providing materials and installing water lines and fixtures in residential and commercial properties. Removing and installing are similar processes and repair and maintenance are also ongoing activities of a plumbing business. Hot water heating involves the use of a boiler, tubing and baseboard registers. Conventional heating is installed by employers in the furnace business, who install sheet metal vents, duct work, and heat registers are installed in either the floor or ceiling.

Plumbing is a registered tradecraft and an apprenticeship program that instructs the plumber in steam fitting, gas fitting and pipe fitting. A plumber runs copper tubing and/or plastic tubing, sets fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and generally installs any fixture that requires water pipes being attached to it. (i.e. hot water tanks, dishwashers, washing machines etc.) The plumber also installs the initial system that brings water into the buildings, or wherever water is needed. This includes sewer systems and roughed-in plumbing to be used at a later date.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) can also be undertaken by a single employer, but requires expertise in more than just one discipline. Normally, expertise includes an electrician, plumber, a specialist in air conditioning and/or furnace installation. Assembly and installation on site may also include calibration of units, sensors, controls or instruments. Prefabrication of sheet metal goods in a shop are also part of this industry.

All of the tradecrafts supply materials to the job, make repairs and will enter into maintenance contracts with commercial users. Besides having stock on hand, the businesses may also have a display area, or store front that sells some parts and materials in support of their main business. Service trucks and delivery are integral to employers in this subcode. Incidental or supportive sales are also part of this subcode and includes: water softeners, humidifiers, hot water tanks, plumbing fixtures, furnace components, sheet metal goods, hot tubs and other related products.

Businesses utilize torches, solder, hand tools, pipe benders, crimpers, sheet metal shears, ladders, etc. Items stored in an employer’s warehouse facility can include fixtures, pipe, fittings, furnace components, hot water tanks, venting, ducts, intake and exhaust systems etc.

SIC Codes
000000041 - Plumbing and heating
000000042 - Air conditioning
000000891 - Sewer/Water Maint.
000000044 - Roto rooter service
000000043 - Furnace repair and service

Previous Codes

NAICS 2007
Code: 23822 - Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning Contractors