A3101 - Operation of grain elevators, inland terminals and grain handlers

Industry code: A3101
Premium rate: 0.68

Classification Facts

Class: A - Agriculture
Rate Code: A31 - Grain Elevators and Inland Terminals


Operational Details
Farmers and farm corporations are in the business of growing grains such as wheat, rye, barley and oats and off Wheat Board seeds such as canola, alfalfa, brome grass, mustard seeds, lentils, clover, sunflowers, etc.
Larger grain elevator operations may have their own seed cleaning plant, which is part of their overall operations of running a grain elevator. In some cases non-Canadian Wheat Board seeds are cleaned by seed cleaning plant operators, also in this subcode. It also includes the bagging of specialty seeds and grains such as oats for racehorses. Typical grain elevator operations include the loading and off loading of grain into elevators or annexes. Elevator operators supervise those off loading the grain, weighing it, and ensuring it is stored in the proper partitioned area of the elevator. Rail cars are ordered as necessary and everyday maintenance of the facility is part of the overall operations. An elevator operator might also have retail sales of twine, fencing material, rope, fertilizer products chemicals, feed supplements and vitamins.

An inland grain terminal may be used by several elevator companies to store large volumes of grain for mass shipment. It is basically a user-pay system, whereby the largest volume user pays the most for storage and distribution costs.

Elevator businesses may also have field maintenance staff who repair or replace worn out parts or portions of the buildings. They seldom renovate, re-side, paint or shingle and subcontract this out to contractors in the construction industry. The elevator operation may also truck grain from annexes to the elevator, haul agro products from their warehouse, or deliver products such as fertilizer or chemicals to the farmer.

SIC Codes
000000039 - Operation of grain elevator
000000040 - Operation of inland terminal
000001003 - Grain Handler

Previous Codes

NAICS 2007
Code: 49313 - Farm Product Warehousing and Storage